Kitchen Air Freshener

Quite accidentally, I discovered a delightful new air freshener for the kitchen. Grandson David and I were cleaning up after a meal one day, and we smelled a marvelous scent that we couldn’t identify at first. Pancakes and coffee came to mind. We hadn’t had pancakes recently. Son John $ was in our house while we were in New York, but he wouldn’t have had that. It finally dawned on me that I had dropped a coffee filter on the floor before we took our trip. Loose coffee was on the floor, and I used the dust buster to clean it up. The flavor of the special grind was bacon/maple. The next time we used the little machine, it dispensed that scent throughout the kitchen. Of course, this lasted only until we emptied it, but it was great until then.

33 thoughts on “Kitchen Air Freshener

  1. It’s a shame you had to empty it. The vacuum cleaner store sells these marble-like items you put into your bag and the carpet smells like citrus … not overpowering either. There is nothing like coffee brewing or coffee beans being ground in a coffee grinder.

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