Flying Visit in a Car

Brother Bob and wife Beth texted from Pigeon Forge that they could drop by on their way home. How marvelous it was to have a few hours with them! Poor John had the flu, so Beth and Bob spoke to him from a distance and took David and me out to lunch.

It would have been a normal lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant, but Bob noticed a special chicken soup on the menu. It would take 20 minutes to make it. We weren’t in a hurry, so we talked until the food was ready. What a huge bowl it was! This was not a trick photo, with the bowl being near the camera. It really was that big. The waiter said some restaurants keep it on hand, but they make it only when it’s ordered. Bob said it was delicious and worth the wait.

041619 Bob with BIG bowl of soup.JPG

041619 Beth Bob.JPG

Back at our house, we sat on the porch to visit and eat Brownies until they had to leave. With long distances involved, we rarely see family on the spur of the moment. This was very special.

42 thoughts on “Flying Visit in a Car

  1. What a great surprise to see your brother on the spur of a moment. Where is Pigeon Forge ?
    And that is a big bowl of soup ? Did you all share off it?
    Has John started any medicines ? Does he have a temperature ? Is he eating ?


    1. Pigeon Forge is in Tennessee. They had gone there to shop. Their route home was five miles from our house.
      We didn’t share the soup–that was Bob’s whole meal.
      John has an antibiotic that has already helped his sinus infection. His temperature was normal at home but had risen when he saw the doctor. He has eaten breakfast with us and had large bowls of chicken soup later in the day. He’s had bouts of coughing that sap his strength.

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  2. What a nice visit – talk about chicken soup for the soul – there was enough chicken soup for the whole table. So, poor John ended up with the flu – the doctor was right. Hopefully the medicine will help him get better quickly.


              1. Yes please! I’ll have one of yours. I was at Meijer last week and didn’t see them. They really cater to Fat Tuesday and there were many, many boxes of paczki and on Ash Wednesday they still had many boxes left, but not a single box of hot cross buns. We used to get them at the Polish bakery that made angel wings, but they went out of business -not a Mexican bakery.


                    1. See I just took a guess … and you must use Canadian bacon! The real Canadian bacon – peameal … have you had it? It is like ham, but the edges have cornmeal. We never had the strip bacon in Canada, just peameal bacon.


                    2. I didn’t know that about Canadian bacon. Live and learn! I hope to look in the supermarket and see if they sell real Canadian bacon. They have all kinds of foods from other countries.

                      The fellows prefer American bacon on their egg sandwiches, and I opt for red pepper-laden sausage.

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                    3. I know they sell Canadian bacon, but not peameal, and we always got it during late Summer/early Fall when the beefsteak tomatoes came out for BLTs. I’ve not had had strip bacon in years – when we got the microwave, I’d make it in there so it was less mess, we had a special bacon microwave dish. But the microwave was downstairs – no counter room up here and the smell would not leave the basement and got into coats, and clothes so I stopped making it. The Canadian bacon doesn’t really make a mess. That sausage sounds good. At the diner we used Tennessee Brand sausage – they had a big factory close by and we got the sausage from there and it came pre-sliced. My mom used to make pigs in blankets with sausage links but I don’t think we ever had sausage patties here. I feel cheated.


                    4. I like cooking breakfast. We had hot cross buns left from yesterday. We like summer oatmeal. Stir equal parts oats and Greek yogurt together and put in the fridge overnight. Next morning stir in fruit, chocolate chips, jam, nuts, coconut, or anything else and eat it cold.

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                    5. I just saved this recipe … I still owe you the quiche recipe … I didn’t forget. My mom used to make something similar in the Summer and I can’t remember if it was a breakfast item or a dessert item? It was cooked oatmeal then after it cooled, you mixed in peach yogurt, honey, nutmeg, cinnamon and peaches. That I could probably handle making … nothing to burn or ruin there. My mom was not a fan of yogurt, she didn’t care for the taste, so she did hers separately with the rest of the ingredients.

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