From Uh-Oh to Let’s Go!

People may get the wrong impression of someone’s life if they rely solely on social media. We tend to write about and photograph the good things, omitting the sad and ugly. I’m going to share a kitchen accident, so that you will know things are not always perfect at our house. I put a bottle of tartar sauce too near the edge of the refrigerator shelf. When John pulled the door open, the bottle smashed on the tile floor. What a mess! There was broken glass in an oozing puddle of pungent sauce. John and son John $pencer moved in to clean it up, advising Rose to put dog Sadie out on the porch. That saved us from rushing to the vet with a bleeding dog.

Rose suggested we pose as directing the clean-up, and David acted as photographer.

Rose and Anne pretending to direct the real work

The men did a wonderful job of cleaning and vacuuming up shards of glass. As you might guess, the floor was cleaner than it had been before the accident. After that excitement, the younger generations began to pack for their hike the next day, spending a day and night on the trail. $ loaned equipment to David and advised him what to take. The next morning I hovered with the camera but didn’t ask them to pose. The picture shows David going to the garage door, carrying his pack.

David and his pack

A few minutes after they left, my phone dinged. Rose texted me a photo of two happy campers, David and Sadie. They were off to a good start.

David and Sadie in the car, heading for a hike

41 thoughts on “From Uh-Oh to Let’s Go!

  1. You are so right….we only tend to put “nice” photos on our posts and tell of the good things. Do you suppose we always figure our job is to cheer people up?
    I have done the same thing as your tarter sauce bottle only mine was a jar of jam….sticky mess everywhere.

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    1. It is pleasant to present the best of your life, sharing good things. I wonder if we also hide the embarrassing moments or ones that make us angry. If I were fired from my job for cause, I wouldn’t want to share that.

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  2. I have often wondered about that Anne. From your posts I thought you were generally an accident less, always happy person with a near perfect life. I used to think that was because your view of life was positive and you saw good things in everything.
    For me, it has been curry dishes with curry, milk bottles, – you name it, it has fallen down and dirtied the floor for me to clean up.
    Glad to see David and Sadie’s happy faces.
    I loved the picture of you and Rose directing the cleaning operations. Hope they have fun. That is a lot of gear David was carrying.


    1. We probably have as many accidents as everyone else, but unless they are amusing, I won’t write about them.

      On this short hike, Rose is carrying as much gear as she will for the nine-day hike. The only difference is the amount of food. The same is true for David, though he isn’t going on the long hike. I wish I had gone to see what they were packing. I know Rose and $ had a tent and sleeping bags. David had a hammock, sleeping bag, and warm clothing. They were heading to Mt. Mitchell, the highest peak in the eastern part of the US. The temperature could be over 10 degrees cooler there.

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  3. That happened her the other day with Mother’s crystal butter dish. Boy can those shards fly, so I can just imagine how much cleaning had to be done. I never saw anything splinter or go so far for such a little thing.
    It’s like company coming, you can get some real cleaning done in those situations. lol


  4. Kitchen accidents seem to always involve glass. I sure can relate. I am happy to hear all paws human and furry made it through and a bonus of a clean kitchen floor. The home sounds quite fun. Hope to hear more about their adventure 💚


    1. I hadn’t thought about it, but you are right. Kitchen accidents nearly always involve glass — glass hitting a very hard floor.

      The hikers will come back this afternoon or evening. I’m hoping they are getting along well and having a good time.


  5. I’m sorry for your mess. I recently broke the lid to a Pyrex casserole. You know the kind of glass that is described as shatterproof. Anyhow I dropped the lid on the floor, it broke into about three gazillion pieces, and we had glass everywhere. Nothing worse than that feeling of total despair when you see what a mess you’ve made, with no one to blame but yourself.


    1. I feel sorry for you with such high temps. I grew up in West Tennessee, so I have experienced unholy weather. The humidity is often a killer. I hope you can keep your cool in hot weather.

      If the sun is shining, and it is here, the hikers could get uncomfortably warm during the day. They evidently survived the cold last night, since we haven’t had any calls from a hospital.

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  6. “Don’t cry over spilled tartar sauce” or as my husband would say “it’s a thing but it’s not a big thing”. Great that the guys did the clean up. Whenever we have broken glass to clean up my husband sends me out of the area and does the clean up. He may be a little too protective but I do appreciate it.
    Wow! David’s pack looks like it weighs nearly as much as he does.


    1. Our husbands are keepers! John jumped in to help clean after he retired. I really do appreciate it, because he is more thorough than I am.

      I don’t know how much David’s pack weighed. Son $ said his own pack weighed 50 pounds, and he looked a bit concerned. This is not only something $ and Rose are doing for David, it’s also a first practice for them before they take their longer hike.

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  7. That pack looks heavy – hope you fed David a big breakfast Anne. David looks very happy to be clutching onto Sadie … she is enjoying the close proximity as well. That is a great picture of the two of them.


    1. We had bacon, sausage, eggs, and a variety of breads for breakfast, so I felt we gave the hikers a good start. Of course, they might have groaned and said they shouldn’t have eaten so much.

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              1. I picked up my packet for this 5K on Monday … we may have storms and I won’t go and I wanted the shirt at least and it came with a postcard for a free breakfast special at Pete’s Place, a local restaurant known for its breakfasts. Hmm … I’ve not been out to eat in years, not because I don’t want to go myself, but we have a Hepatits A outbreak – I am cheap and don’t see spending $250.00 for the shot (it is a two-part shot, at $125.00 for each part and not covered by insurance) … I’d be lucky Pierre to get Hep A as someone did not wash their hands (the biggest problem according to the news). Tell me Anne, did David and Nathaniel have to get a food handlers card when they started working at Burger King (David) and the restaurant (Nathaniel)?
                When I graduated from high school and began working I had to get tested for TB and get a food handlers card – of course, that was in 1973. Oops a big rumble of thunder – shutting down now.


                1. I’ll try to remember to ask the boys if they had to get a food handlers card. They never mentioned it to me.

                  I was a volunteer at a nursing home, going there once a month to play the piano for a service. I had to be tested for TB for that!

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                  1. Yes, I’m curious about it or it was something that’s been abandoned along the way. We have such a bad hepatitus outbreak that several people have died and the states of Indiana and Ohio and their tourism bureaus suggest getting a hepatitis shot before coming to visit Michigan. Nice huh? Amazing you needed a TB shot to play the piano. My friend Ann Marie volunteers at a nursing home … she goes in and talks to the residents, visits the ones that have no friends or relatives coming to see them. She got scabies a few years ago … she hugged one of the residents several times when the resident was upset. So she got it cleared up and now this nursing home has a scabies outbreak. I think Ann Marie has stopped volunteering for the short term – they have a big sign on the door. I saw it online in the local paper and sent the story to her.


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