20 thoughts on “The Vacuum Ate the Headset

      1. Very clever! We need one of those robotic vacuums that travels around the house and does the vacuuming for us. So no hands on, let it do its own thing. Speaking of hands, I wear vinyl gloves around the house for detergents, etc. – my hands are very sensitive. So somehow one vinyl glove fell on the floor and I didn’t see it and vacuumed over it … not a good thing. It got sucked up into the insides and I could not find it and had to take it to the vacuum store for repair.


          1. Yes, I used “Purpose Cleansing Wash” for decades. It was recommended for my contacts (hard lenses) so no perfume, oil, deodorant would mess up the lenses. Then two years ago they changed the formula. I had bought several for over the Winter and opened up one and in two days my hands were red and cracked. I thought something was wrong with just that bottle – opened another one, same thing. Googled around to find reviews and discovered they had changed the formula – on Amazon people said the same thing “red cracked hands” … it took me a year to find something else. I now use Tone Bath Soap with cocoa butter – my hands have never been softer. But I still use vinyl gloves whenever I handle anything, even shampoo.


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