The Smokies

Son John $pencer and Rose drove about 15 minutes to hike in the park close to us. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most popular park in the United States, having 10 million visitors, according to several sources. The Grand Canyon, second in popularity, gets 5 million. I thought $ and Rose were going to the top of Purchase Knob, so I took a photo of it as we came home from our walk. Our house is the tan blob under the tree.

Purchase Knob

As it turned out, they hiked to the top of Hemphill Bald, which is slightly behind and to the left of Purchase Knob. It was still exciting to me, though, because Rose took a photo that shows buildings that we pass on our morning walk. With his monocular, $ could identify the service station and the church. With a little imagination, I can see them in this picture, too.

I asked Rose for her favorite photo of the day. She had two, and I chose this one. She has an artist’s eye and composes her photos carefully.

Now if people come to visit us and want to hike, we know where to tell them to go. Note, I am not going with them. The trails are well-marked and will provide great exercise with beautiful views.

34 thoughts on “The Smokies

  1. You’re having a grand visit with them and being able to enjoy the hikes vicariously with no shortage of breath. The best way I think. Rose does take pretty pictures.
    Massive Hugs xxx


    1. The weather has suddenly gotten hot, so I’m not sorry I’m too old to go hiking with $ and Rose. It’s perfect to look at her pictures and hear their account of a hike.

      xxx Picture Perfect Hugs xxx


  2. It is great to see these pictures and imagine what they saw on their hikes. The green colour of the grass is amazing. I imagined $ looking through his monocular like the captain of a ship. I wish Rose would do video blogs so we could see and hear what she experienced. Her pictures are beautiful.


    1. That’s a wonderful thing about these mountains. The countryside is beautiful, so you don’t have to avoid lots of stuff to get the shot you want. Down here in the valley there are power lines that are often in the way.

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  3. Until I read this post I hadn’t realized that the Great Smoky Mountains National Park was the most popular national park in the U.S. – though I can understand why. It sure is a beautiful place.


  4. You live in a beautiful area, Anne. Your DIL is a wonderful photographer! I am slightly jealous of her camera skills. We visited Great Smoky Mountains National Park twice when our kids were younger. One of my memories is when my middle son lost his shoe hopping from rock to rock in a stream in the park. His shoe fell off and floated away!


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