The Happy Hikers are Home

Son John $pencer, friend Rose, and grandson David had a great overnight in the mountains. Dog Sadie was carrying her pack without protest.

They took time for a selfie in the sunshine.

Lush scenery is common in the Smoky Mountains. This was Rose’s favorite shot of the view.

They took time to pose with the view behind them.

It was hard to pick a favorite of the sunset shots. David took this one.

David has always enjoyed fires. He lingered with the campfire long after the others went to bed.

They carried snacks, pouches of food for dinner, and water. Hiking is thirsty work, and they drank plenty of water. $ has a filter to destroy bacteria, so they safely replenished their supply from a stream. It amused me that they bought pizza on the way home.

I giggled when the hikers talked about their campsite. It wasn’t easy to find a place with trees and a flat space. They needed trees for the hammock and an even area for the tent. $’s back discovered a divot that plagued him all night. David was pleased with the way his uncle strung up the hammock for him. It sagged during the night, and David’s arm was on the ground when he woke up. Guess what they did after they got home and ate their pizza. They all took a nap!

24 thoughts on “The Happy Hikers are Home

  1. It looks like a wonderful hike. I love the dog with the pack. My grandsons also love sitting around a fire.


  2. They are adventurous even if they caved in and had pizza on the way home … K-rations couldn’t possibly have kept them filled up after all that fresh air. The shots are beautiful and a crystal clear day as well.


      1. I prefer cooler weather myself – we had that one day that was 80 last Sunday and it will be like that tomorrow to fuel the second round of storms. I feel a little cheated since our Spring was not a normal cool or chilly, but downright cold. Having 45 degrees the end of May is not nice, but I prefer it to the heat and humidity. We had a lousy Spring, and last Fall was not nice either – we had a hard freeze the end of September. Now we are ready to get into June and we’ll get the heat and the parks cannot always keep up with the grass cuttings when it rains so often so you worry about mosquitoes and ticks.


  3. Beautiful scenery. I’ve not really spent much time in the Smokies. It is lovely. When I saw the fire though, I thought “Yikes” with the grasses so near. Here, it is so dry, that would have been risky. I know the south is different. But oh, what views and fun. Russ and I have concluded we are much too old to be tenting anymore. The thought of it alone makes us ache. Oh, to be young again. lol


      1. When we go home to the province, hiking is always a part of it. We are located in a very high area overlooking the town proper so we make use of the times that we could. Usually for a few hours only Anne,


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