Kansas in One Day

We were going through flat land punctuated with oil wells, small oil tanks,windmills, and grain elevators. Come to think of it, that would describe several states, but we were in Kansas.

The wind farms were impressive. I took a number of pictures and discovered white blades against a light blue sky do not work. I have only one shot of a lone windmill and present it here with a flourish.

There were small oil wells scattered everywhere, many of them pumping away. Three years ago when we were on that same highway, most wells were still. That’s not to say they were stills; stills produce moonshine in the Tennessee hills.

Grain storage buildings and elevators lined the railroad tracks at intervals. John knew lots about the movement of grain. He said one fifth of the wheat grown in the US is grown in Kansas. Those grain facilities proved it. I took these shots from the interstate. John read a sign that said grain elevators are called the cathedrals of the prairie. They were impressive in that flat landscape.

34 thoughts on “Kansas in One Day

  1. Hi Anne,
    Such beautiful pictures and descriptions. Of these pictures, which one is of an oil well and which one of the grain storage buildings ?
    By oil wells, would you mean – petroleum?
    The wheat or grain fields look amazingly green ? Do they remain that colour through the summer?
    Thanks for sharing .

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    1. The last three photos showed structures for grain. The oil well pump is the peculiar one that looks like a metal insect.

      Is oil petroleum? I think oil is the American word and petroleum must be the British.

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      1. Thanks Anne. I am sorry I was a bit confused, I was wondering if you could have meant oil -like peanut or sunflower oil since you mentioned Kansas was like a big producer of food. We have oil wells here too with a flame burning at the top which helps us identify them.

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  2. You really have given a feel of Kansas, it’s vastness and importance to the country.
    Along with growing the most wheat in the country I am glad to see how wind farms are growing,
    we have a lot in Europe.
    Altogether your photos are great and I love the name ‘ Cathedrals of the Prairie ‘. Very evocative.


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  3. It looks nice and green right now, but Kansas tended to lull me to sleep when I lived in Colorado and had to trek to Alabama.. It is sooooo flat, it could be quite tedious crossing, yet I loved the barns. I’m a barn person. lol


  4. In an environment where all you see are still wells it might be good to throw in some stills 😉 I appreciated the beauty of the area through your eyes and will try to remember that in my drive west next month. I have a hard time with my perceived monotony of the Omaha>>Wyoming trek.


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