One Mile High

The most important item on our agenda in Denver was visiting our college friends. You say Janet and Tom to us, and rafts of memories come flooding in. When I wrote their names, I remembered the choir tour to Mobile about 1963. We stayed in Tom’s home that night. Janet and I had his parents’ bed. I nearly froze to death and kept turning up the heat of the electric blanket. Janet was sweltering and turned her dial down as low as it would go. You guessed it. The controls were mixed up.

We had a long lunch to catch up. I asked for a refresher account of their moving to Colorado. They had been in New Orleans and camped in the mountains on vacation. The lure of the area was so great that they ditched their plans and moved to Denver. They had three children and worked through various jobs to a place of peace and happiness. It was marvelous to see them still thriving since the last time we were here three years ago.

On the way out of town, we drew closer to the snow-capped mountains. Here is the scenery that excited John. I’m sure he explained what railroad line it was, when it was founded, who owns it now, what the freight would have been. My brain-sieve did not retain that.

I wildly snapped a second shot from the moving car. I remember John’s comment then. He said, “David will enjoy seeing the train.” That’s your assignment, David.

We stayed in the small town of Idaho Springs. John did not expect there to be restaurants or a supermarket, since those amenities were missing at several of our stops. What a surprise to find a Safeway adjacent to our motel! We walked there, looking for a dessert, which is what we often do instead of eating supper. John let me pick, and I couldn’t resist Unicorn Cake. Have you ever heard of Unicorn Cake? If you like very sweet things, this is a dessert for you. If you don’t like sweets, I’ll be glad to help you dispose of it.

38 thoughts on “One Mile High

  1. I haven’t been doing a lot of reading lately and didn’t realize you were traveling. Sounds like you are having a great time. I have never heard of unicorn cake but it looks dangerous. LOL. Wishing you safe travels.

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      1. We didn’t fall in love with Denver. The city itself is very brown and not the lush green we are used to. They have a lot of water restrictions and some very crazy weather. Snowstorms in May? No thank you but the kids love it although one is talking about moving back east.


  2. How nice to connect with college friends – and you got your picture all together, that’s nice as well. I’ve never heard or seen unicorn cake before. I Googled around but only saw mention of the horn on top, not the layers. How unique is that!

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  3. Hi Anne,
    I am getting a whirlwind tour of the US states, places I would perhaps never go to through your pictures and descriptions. I am especially fond of trains to I resonate with John and David’s excitement of seeing trains wherever they go. I am glad you had happy times with Janet and Tom- haven’t they come to NC to visit you? I seem to remember them from pictures. Are you going to camp out in Denver?
    I would like to see videos of your travels to “see” better. You might try vlogging.

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    1. Thanks for traveling with us, Susie. Janet and Tom have not come to North Carolina. We last saw them three years ago in Denver. It’s all I can do to take still pictures and get them downloaded to the computer.

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      1. i know it will be difficult and it was just wishful thinking on my part. I am enjoying the pictures and descriptions you put in thoroughly. And of course while you are not blogging, you must enjoy yourselves too.


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