I’m Awake NOW!

I stayed up way too late. Before he went to bed, John said we had an easy travel day. I could sleep as long as I wanted to. Morning came earlier than was comfortable, and shortly after I woke up, John said he couldn’t make the shower work. The controls looked like the standard motel model, but we could not pull out the knob. Normally, pulling the knob turns on the water, and you control the temperature by turning the knob one way or the other. John dressed to go to the motel office, and I went back to bed. Another hour of sleep would be most welcome. I didn’t know how they were going to solve our problem, but I was certain it would not be quick.

Only minutes later there were sharp raps on the door. I assumed (sorry John) that John had forgotten the key and needed me to open the door for him. Much to my surprise, there was a big, burly man in overalls standing there. He quickly apologized and said he had come to fix the shower. I was wearing a nightgown, so I stepped behind the door and let him in. At that moment I heard John’s voice, “I didn’t know you’d come so quickly!”

In seconds we heard the water gushing from the faucet, and the man came out of the bathroom. He carefully avoided looking at me while apologizing profusely.

John told me what happened in the office. He said to the woman behind the desk, “The shower won’t turn on in our room. Can you send someone to fix it?”

The woman said, “Are you in room 210? I told them to keep that room for last, because the shower is broken. We are waiting for a part to come so we can fix it. I’ll send someone up right away.”

John and I knew we had to take our showers immediately while the water was running. The repairman applied great force to pull the knob out, and we weren’t going to risk pushing it back in until we were through. John said he was sorry I didn’t get my promised sleep. I laughed andsaid, “Well, I’m awake NOW!”

Our next stop was to visit people we had never met. Years ago a man named Michael read about the Long Island Live Steamers, the train club for which John was the secretary. They corresponded, and Michael joined the club. He read the newsletter and renewed his membership every year, yet he never once went out to the track. John knew he lived in Manhattan, taught at Julliard, and drove a camper to Colorado every summer to be in Aspen for the music activities there. The camper was stored in New Jersey. Michael did not have a car, it being a hindrance in the city. Time went by, and he and his wife Sandy retired to Colorado. When John said we would be in the area, they graciously invited us to drop by. I took a photo of them on their balcony, trying to show the view of a snow-capped mountain to the left of the building. I should have focused on them alone.

Since we have always been interested in music, we were dying to know what Michael taught at Julliard. He answered readily that for much of his career, he taught music theory. The last few years he taught electronic music, which of course, was on the cutting edge. Sandy also worked at Julliard as a music librarian. We sat on that lovely balcony and talked about trains, New York, knee problems, two train clubs, and birds. What a delight it was to chat with them and have a tour of their spacious apartment! We laughed that we both did not downsize, as so many people do, but moved to larger homes on retirement. As we were leaving, Michael pulled out a folder in which he kept his correspondence with John. What an organized man he was to be able to put his hand on it immediately! We envied that as we said our goodbyes.

25 thoughts on “I’m Awake NOW!

  1. What an adventure, Anne and John. To meet people you had only corresponded with and see them in person.I love the way you both try to meet with blogging friends and other friends you have never seen in your life except on paper or the screen of a computer.PS: One day I hope to be one of those persons you visit with.
    Their apartment seems really huge. I am glad you are having fun.
    Is John driving alone or do you help him too?
    The adventure with the shower – was funny and totally unbelievable- how could he come so fast. I am sorry you missed an extra hour in bed.

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    1. I would love to meet you face to face, Susie. Let me know the next time you are in the US.

      John does all the driving on long trips. He plans our trips, makes reservations, and contacts people. I sit in the car, and I take care of technical things. I use a GPS gadget for navigation, and I get our phones, tablet, and laptop connected to WiFi in motels. It’s not much. We’ve had several times when the WiFi was sketchy, making us both a bit frustrated.

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  2. It’s always nice to meet folks you have corresponded with for a long time. I love when that happens. THeir place looks so lovely. It seems we always get the room with the shower that doesn’t work, or it works for hubby but not for me!!

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  3. Anne, I just saw on facebook about the Builtmore Gardens Railway May 24-Sept 29 surely ya’ll can do a post about it for those of us who won’t be able to go.


      1. Same here … I must write down ideas for blog posts … took a lot of pictures yesterday at the Park, fodder for at least three new posts … had to write down the titles I had in my brain and some funny things that happened, otherwise … I’d be grasping at straws down the road. Safe travels to you and John.

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