Talking People In

Daughter Kate began driving from New Jersey at 7:00 am. I talked to her for a while, and she called back as grandson David came in from work. At that point she was going through the last third of Virginia. John was on his way home from the train club in Tennessee. He called David’s phone, and we had a four-way conversation. David held the phones together so that we could all hear each other, but I did the holding as he took our selfie. I figured we began to visit early, so we wouldn’t have to stay up late when they got here.

David got comfortable as we continued to chat. He was holding Kate in one hand, playing a game with the other, letting John rest on his chest, and watching the muted TV. Believe it or not, he was more tuned to the conversation than I was while taking the photo.

35 thoughts on “Talking People In

  1. Multi-tasking makes me tired. I am often amazed at the hectic lives of my 20-something year old children.
    I find myself wondering if I was that busy when I was their age. I don’t think so but it’s a different world today with all of the technology they grew up with.
    Enjoy your visit with your daughter.


  2. Kids just seem to adapt to new technology as it comes along. I’m in awe of them.I even watch my daughter type a message on her phone almost as quickly as I can say it.Whereas my typing on the phone is so slow that when people get it the event is already over.
    Humongous Hugs


  3. Conference calls are a hit in our family too. Usually for birthdays when Happy Birthday is sung. Family tradition. For years my parents phoned from Colorado at an early hour for all of us to sing Happy Birthday to me. Wish I had the recordings. Happy family visit and catching up!


          1. Thanks Anne – I am very apprehensive around it and yesterday I took myself outside and took the car out for a ride. Spent 1/2 hour playing with the door to familiarize myself with locking it and pulling it up/down – it’s a bad feature and I suppose most people have automatic garage openers but I have to put the trickle charger on and can’t do that inside the garage so have to get out of the car anyway. Today’s excitement – a Great Black Wasp nest over the side door where I walk out the door everyday – Jim was there today finishing his chores and sealed it up- now there will be angry relatives taking it out on me! 🙂


              1. Yes right now I think there is a black cloud hovering over top of me and I hope it is done soon. Thank you – I hope it changes quickly too. Robb leaves tomorrow for the cottage til Sunday – a little break for me even if it will rain/storm daily.

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