Excursions Begin

Daughter Kate took a day off after driving 14 hours to get here. We visited together at home on decompression day. The next day she, John, and I drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway, something we all like to do. The weather was threatening, which is the time we love to go there. Clouds and gusty breezes are much more exciting than a day with full sun and no clouds. As we drove up the mountain, two flashes of lightning added drama to the day. Kate is not a fan of lightning and thunder, so she was glad that stopped. Rain was a bit heavy for a little while. Soon we had some amazing scenes which my camera struggled to record. I hate to admit her phone did a better job.

The weather cleared before we stopped at my favorite place, Sunburst Falls. Kate and I stood there admiring the water, and I asked her to pose with the falls. I laughed when I saw the photo. It looks like it could have been taken in a photographer’s studio, the subject on a stone bench before an impressive backdrop. She took a video with thundering sound to prove she was there in person.

Kate was frightened of dogs as a child, and she works hard to be at ease around them now. She played with Sadie outside and inside that day, ending with a tug-of-war. It might not appear special, but this is a victory photo. You’ll notice she did not climb onto my shoulders or perch on the back of a sofa while screeching bloody murder.

That evening five of us sat around the table laughing and telling stories on ourselves. As often happens, it got out of hand, and we sounded like a bunch of laughing hyenas. I should apologize to neighbor Joyce in case we disturbed her sleep. We were inside, not on the porch, but the noise must have been awful. [I’m sorry, Joyce.]

31 thoughts on “Excursions Begin

  1. I’m wondering why Sadie should climb up on your shoulders or perch on the back of a sofa while screeching bloody murder. A little unusual for a dog eh? As usual one of your trips out means fantastic photo’s to share. and the one of Kate posed thus is just like the old Victorian poses (sorry Kate).
    Massive Hugs xxx

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  2. What a fun day. My family can get out of hand telling stories and laughing as well. I’m sure the neighbours didn’t mind and probably wished they were part of it. Love the pictures.

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  3. I love that the picture looked like a studio shot. When my daughter was little I took her to K-Mart and had my choice of pull down scenes for a back drop. That is what your picture brought to mind.

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  4. I always love your comedic take on your situations, the pictures make me want to visit that much more. I’m afraid it isn’t in the cards for us this year, at this point, I’m hoping we get to take any vacation time at all. My body is not cooperating, and if David has to take much more time off with me, we may not get to go anywhere. Maybe next year. ;(


  5. Very beautiful scenery not to mention a beautiful daughter as well and that is a perfect pose that you got Kate in Anne. We had a nice weather day when we went through, however, we could not go until afternoon as there was black ice in the morning (first week of May).


      1. Nope, that was in the Smokey Mountains believe it or not. My mom and I took a trip to KY, TN and NC thru the Smokey Mountains the first week of May of 1992. We were going to go in the a.m. and at restaurant where we had breakfast they advised to wait as there had been freezing fog and some black ice might be in areas. We spent the morning in the town of Cherokee instead – got our pic taken with Chief Henry. Here is the Chief and I should edit this post as it is not P.C. https://lindaschaubblog.net/2013/04/26/whooping/


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