Second Family Gathering

We had our second family gathering of this series. The people were relatives of two of our nieces, Kathie and Julie – their parents, all their aunts and uncles, another sister, and several offspring. We met this time in the their ancestral home. My family married into theirs, so don’t have delusions of grandeur about my roots. The house was built in the late 1700’s, and was acquired by their family in the 1930’s. Several of us took the tour, starting on the ground floor. A number of pieces of furniture were carved by a great great uncle. Most of them have hidden compartments Tour guide Myra told us the one in this dining room photo has seven secret places.

We looked at things in the living room, while grandson Nathaniel checked out the chandelier.

On the second floor of the house, the old phonograph caught Nathaniel’s attention in the guest room. Myra played the record on the turntable and handed the young generation shellac records to inspect. I was impressed when I noticed how carefully and reverently they handled the old 1/4-inch thick disks. Myra said Thomas Edison had been in the area for some reason and came to the house. He was given the tour, seeing many of the things we were looking at.

After Myra pointed out some of the features in the master bedroom, she handed Julie a printed copy of the pirate story they usually include on the tour. Myra went in the next room. When Julie read aloud about the death of one pirate by the hand of another, several of the books in the bookcase began to slide in and out. We laughed, knowing Myra was behind the wall.

On the third floor of the house, I was impressed with two paintings in my late sister-in-law’s bedroom. She wanted to dress up the area of the built-in drawers and painted two panels for it. I never knew she dabbled in painting.

Nathaniel was told not to bring food, but his offer of grilling was accepted. Donning his brand new apron, he cooked burgers and dogs in the carport. As several of us talked to him, he jumped into action, twisting the controls off. He saw a surge of flames that shut off. His hunch was correct; the tank was out of gas. There were three uncooked hamburgers, which he finished cooking in the kitchen.

People in town know the ancestral home as the shoe house. When my late sister-in-law was little, her grandfather and great uncle built a shoe out of concrete. Note the details – laces through the holes, seams of the shoe, and a curved sole. Nathaniel and cousin Kate adorned the top.

The teens stood on the bench at the top of the shoe.

Flashback to 2004 where David is on the shoe. In 1973 nieces Julie and Kathie are with daughter Lise and Julie’s and Kathie’s grandmother Mama Sue

Two, who usually tangle feet under our table, came out in the open during the afternoon. The friendly warfare took place in the sitting room, the most-used room in the new addition.

Rick agreed to do a magic show for us, using John, Julie, and Nathaniel as helpers for various illusions. Most impressive was a rope trick that his niece Susan saw and recommended. Rick learned it this past year and amazed us by cutting a piece of rope into pieces and ending with a whole rope. He did several several variations of this. At one point, the rope had multiple knots in it, which he cut off and tossed to the floor. Even that segment ended with a whole rope.

Flashback to 2004 when magician Rick was doing a card trick. David was wearing a hat and glasses having to do with Harry Potter.


If you’ve read this far, I’ll share with you the serious side of our gathering. A young man of the middle generation, not pictured here, is dying of an aggressive form of cancer. Julie organized us twice to come together to surround him with our love. He knows he has our constant prayers. His Christian witness is amazing, because he knows the Lord has saved him and will be with him as he passes from this life to his heavenly home. God bless you, JTR.

44 thoughts on “Second Family Gathering

  1. I’m beginning to get a handle on adding photos, but in this post, the comments beside two photos kept disappearing. The words that should have gone beside the last photo were, “As people were leaving, cousin Kate and Nathaniel had a cucumber fencing match. The chef had loosened his tie and was wearing his apron backward, like a cape. In case you are wondering, there was no alcohol at our family event.”

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    1. Alcohol is not necessary for family fun (all the time). 😉
      I love your pics and inspected each one close up. I have for some reason forgot how to enable mine to do that, you must give me some pointers. So sorry for your sick relative, yet happy you all managed to see him one more time.


  2. So glad you can all gather together during this difficult time and surround your loved one with peace and love. Thoughts and prayers of peace for you all. On a lighter note, I love touring old homes and it was interesting learning about this one with the secret places! How nice to actually know the owners and hear their personal experiences.

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  3. Yall have had a busy summer so far! I have loved seeing all your visits on your trips, the pictures telling such great stories along with your wonderful words. I hope we manage a trip later this year, and if we do, I will be sure to take lots of pictures!

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  4. You have touched on a subject that has roots in WHY our Beautiful Nation is under attack to strive for this Society to be as it was destined. Holding true to our Forefathers decisions and endeavors to hold a small token of what they believed and wanted to contribute to the future. Your tie to the heritage of how Families bonded for the common good. Looking at the manor that many of our representatives are trying to diminish the importance of our past. You in the East, are an example of how to preserve who we really are. Great, interesting and informative family gathering that you have shared to help us understand.


  5. How wonderful that you shared such times of joy around someone who will soon leave here. It is a much more fitting tribute than if you had all sat around glumly.


  6. This is exactly what family does Anne…..laugh together, gather and celebrate, bring love and prayers, and just be glad to be together.
    My prayers for JTR….for peace and a pain free journey. My prayers also with the family left behind when that time comes.
    It always makes me wonder how people make it through that journey with a loved one when they don’t know Jesus.
    Blessings to you and your extended family Anne.
    I do love that shoe! And the house is beautiful.


      1. Thought of you, and the request, again this morning Anne. I couldn’t sleep through the night, and prayed once more for him.


  7. Anne, a wonderful gathering of your family and a delightful tour of the house and garden. I love the painted dressers, they’re beautiful. I’m so sorry to read the reason for the gathering – to be surrounded by such a loving family in this time is a blessing and support.


    1. Our family gatherings were organized by niece Julie. It was her idea, and she found dates that worked for everyone. We all brought food, and several people volunteered for cleanup. How blessed we are to have such a family to pull together in tough times!

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  8. Great , interesting and informative family gathering that you have shared to help us understand. Beautiful House and nice shoe house. It nice that he has family around him at this time . Iam so 😊.

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    1. So beautiful your brother’s family. Beautiful pic1973 in Lise and katihe and David on shoe 2004. All photos are beautiful.


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