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Once before I reblogged a post from Manuscript Notes, but that was with the old editor. I clicked on the reblog button on this site, and absolutely nothing happened. Next, despite following several leads from the question mark at the bottom right of my screen, I have no clue how to reblog with the new editor. Sorry. Rant is over. Let’s concentrate on the positive.

Following are two paragraphs from the home page of Manuscript Notes:

“I have given myself the challenge of posting from time to time, in an aim to introduce classical music to people who either profess themselves to be tone deaf or simply insist that they will never like it.

“It is positively not a classical-music-for-dummies blog! The hope is to inform, and simply share my love of these pieces, in the same way any of us likes to recommend a good book, play or film.

The subject of today’s blog is Cesar Franck’s violin sonata. The link:

I read through the notes and clicked on the link to one movement of this marvelous piece. What a treat! The world was suspended as the music danced and wove its way through my head. Please try it!

24 thoughts on “An Excellent Music Blog

      1. I was Suzuki brat. I learned by ear at an early age then went on to play with the orchestra once I learned to read music. I didn’t really enjoy playing so I stopped after high school. No regrets about any of it.


  1. Hi Anne, I followed the link and I’m listening to the violin even as I write this comment. It’s lovely. Thanks for the recommendation. I hope all is well with you. Have a wonderful week.


  2. This is right up your alley, almost as fun as the Google Doodle a few months ago. I have never reblogged/shared anything before as I just use the link but everything takes longer in Gutenberg it seems.


      1. Thanks Anne – I will save this as I’ve been having some issues with Gutenberg lately … I will stick with it but do want to learn a few more things about it for when I have more time. I wanted to send you this link last night and I lost my internet repeatedly yesterday – just short amounts of time, but it’s been a frustrating week (and month) and I just shut down and went to bed instead of waiting to reboot again. This blogger writes a weekly restaurant review and has a nice site which you might enjoy for the rest of her blog posts. I sent you a restaurant review about a restaurant that was an old train station … this one has pimento cheese sandwiches so of course I thought of you.
        It looks fun and maybe in your travels through your own state you’ll stop and have a bite to eat :


        1. I enjoyed that restaurant review. Brevard is in Western North Carolina, and we have been there a couple of times. We’ll have to check out that restaurant, especially if Nathaniel is with us. Thanks for thinking of us.

          I’ve looked for help with Gutenberg while using it, but I never found the link that I sent you.

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          1. It is time consuming using Gutenberg and I like the justified type the best but it doesn’t show up in Reader – I don’t understand that at all. I also like that you can enlarge the sub-headings but that doesn’t show up in Reader either for some reason. Have you tried the colored background and text? I tried it in the beginning but the only people who see it are the subscribers or viewing the site … I will check out your link. I am hoping they fix the slideshow and make it like Classic Editor – thanks for your link.

            I thought the boys would enjoy that restaurant, and especially Nathaniel. Hope you get to try it out.


            1. I used colored background for text to show that I was quoting someone. I would have preferred indenting and using quotes, but I couldn’t see how to do that.

              I told David and John about the restaurant in Brevard, and they agreed it would be fun to try.

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              1. I haven’t indented yet that I can remember, so I used the color insert or did italics to set it off. I think you’ll have to write a post about it when you go … I was an art fair yesterday – believe me it was nothing special, but one thing they had that caught my eye was vintage aprons – we made those in home ec in 1968 or 1969 for goodness sake! I think I may still have the one I made my mom. They were selling for $20.00 and vintage cobbler-style aprons for much more and it was a guy who made them, self-taught he said.


                  1. My mother always wore one too. We just made the small aprons in school, but my mom saved it. It was bright pink, light pink and black stripes. It sounds a little gawdy but was very colorful. My mom always wore a cobblers apron.

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