Happy Happenstance

John, David, and I all got haircuts in town and shopped at the supermarket before David went to work. That was a rather full morning for us and an early one for David. After lunch I decided to go to Asheville with John, just to keep him company while he had the car serviced. As we tooled down the highway, my phone rang. It was my brother, in his car with Beth and their granddaughter Kate. They had been quite near our home, but they were in a dead zone and couldn’t reach us. They were stopping at the Farmer’s Market in Asheville, which turned out to be 1.6 miles from the car dealership. After our car was ready, we found them packing their shopping in the car. What timing! We drove up the hill to the Moose Cafe to have dessert and a drink. Very few people were eating in the restaurant, so we could stay and talk as long as we wanted to. It was marvelous to have such a pleasant experience when we least expected it.

John, Beth, Kate, and Bob at Moose Cafe

They had a two and a half hour drive back to Winston Salem, so we didn’t want to keep them too long. Good things never seem to last long enough do they?

22 thoughts on “Happy Happenstance

  1. I love when these kinds of things fall into place. It seems to make the meeting all the more special. I sent you an email on your contact page. Did you get it?


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