Logan’s First Day of 4th Grade

Neighbor Logan and his dad were waiting for the school bus as we walked to the top of the steep hill. I asked Logan to pose for a first day photo, which he did willingly.

Logan’s hands are blurred because he was still moving.

On the other side of the car, John and Bob were discussing whether they had missed the bus. John knew it took us ten minutes to climb the steep hill, and the bus had not passed us. Logan did the floss dance for a few seconds, probably letting off steam and excitement. He declined being videoed doing the dance, but he agreed to recording his getting in the car.

29 thoughts on “Logan’s First Day of 4th Grade

  1. North Carolina starts so much earlier than New Jersey. My grandchildren won’t begin school until after Labor Day. Logan looks happy to be going back. I’ve tried to do that floss dance…impossible! I’m so uncoordinated. I would be over the moon if I was a good dancer, but it’s not going to happen.


  2. Ahhh … a very happy and content Logan. I bet his clothes don’t look quite so clean and crisp after fun at break times. Here all students have uniforms from the age of 4/5, which is smart but never looks so relaxed or free! Hope he had a great first day in school – always an anxious time for adults awaiting their return! 😀


  3. First day of school is always so exciting! Yesterday was first day for 2 of my grandchildren. They talked to me on the phone afterward and chattered on for a long time!


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