Silly Kitchen and Oregon

Silly things go on in our kitchen, but I guess that is to be expected. We spend a lot of time there. Grandson David and I remembered John stored boxes of cereal over the refrigerator. I asked him to look, and before I could fetch the step stool, he was standing on the counter. The cereal boxes were there.

Grandson Nathaniel gave me some of his sourdough starter, and I found a recipe for biscuits that I wanted to try. I quit using sourdough when we moved to England in 1980, so I was excited to have it again. When the ingredients were ready to stir together, I was careless and did steps in the wrong order. Nathaniel would have dumped the mess and started over, but not miser me! Oh, no! The biscuits did not brown, and I should have made them thicker. David and I ate them, anyway. Next time they will be a lot better.

When I was putting the leftovers away, I found the angry biscuit scowling at me.

Oregon is much more beautiful than an angry biscuit. Rose took a photo of John $pencer with a Sitka spruce tree. The Sitka is the tallest of spruces and can thrive even when hit by the ocean’s salt spray. It can live for 700 years.

Rose took my favorite shot of the dog – Sadie observing her kingdom in Glacier Peak Wilderness .

26 thoughts on “Silly Kitchen and Oregon

  1. As you know…I am an Oregon-ophile! I have some sourdough starter that I have had for about 10 years. I thought it would suffer while I was away, but I was able to revive it. There is something satisfying about baking bread without using commercial yeast. Your biscuits look yummy!

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  2. I read the biscuit plate, Every good and perfect gift is from above James, I thought I don”t see this, who is James? Eventually the penny dropped. Not the brightest bulb in the box. The picture of the tree is wonderful and Sadie with her kingdom is fantastic.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  3. Everything good and fun happens in your house. Sadie looking over her kingdom- great shot. Did they see any grizzlies?
    I did eat sourdough bread a couple of times last month and must say I enjoyed the sourness of the batter. I hope you ate the angry biscuit and wiped his frown away.


        1. There is a Bible verse that says, “Even if I settle on the far side of the sea, You are there.” That is my verse for those two years. We met lots and lots of wonderful people. We also worshipped at lovely places — Westminster Abbey, York Minster, Lincoln Cathedral, Canterbury Cathedral, and many others.

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