Ice Cream SPLAT!

Grandson David and I were longing for barbecue, so John took us to Dickie’s after church. Dickie’s pulled pork might not measure up to the meat at our favorite BBQ place in Virginia, but it was certainly better than another favorite, Haywood Smokehouse, because it is closed on Sunday. We enjoyed our meal and choreographed getting the free soft ice cream. David, being the “professional” in the family working at Burger King, would load the cones, and John would bring ours to the table. He brought mine first, balancing it carefully. I had it securely in my hand, and then it toppled onto my tray. SPLAT! By the time I thought to take a picture of it, I’d already gotten a spoon and taken a bite or so.

John brought his cone to the table and sat down without incident. Two couples were sitting behind us at one table, and their four children at another table began watching David. By their dress and behavior, we assume they had just come from church, too. As David walked carefully to join us, he heard the children say things like, “Ohh! Look! I want one like that. It’s so tall! How did he do it?”

The fellows were man enough to finish off their cones without losing a drop. John’s success was because of speed and David’s because of being extremely careful. David said he has been told to limit the ice cream to three swirls per cone at Burger King.

Many of you can afford to envy that dessert. Several months ago we heard a person behind the counter tell a customer that the frozen part is dairy free. The cone is gluten free, as well. You can’t lose, except if what you are trying to lose is weight.

43 thoughts on “Ice Cream SPLAT!

  1. My first job when I was in high school was at a Dairy Queen. There is an art to making them look good. I am not sure I ever mastered it. We were supposed to weigh the cones. Each size (small, medium, large) was to weigh a certain amount.


      1. We were trained to use weights then could usually eyeball it but if the boss noticed it not looking right we would have to start weighting them again. Too little ice-cream got put in the freezer and somebody probably got it as a freebee. Too much ice-cream went to the customer but the boss was not happy. I only worked there one season.


  2. That is more ice cream than I can eat! I have a lactose sensitivity and I can eat ice cream from McDonald’s while the specialty ice cream stores with the rich stuff are off limits! Go figure.


  3. That cone is top heavy and it’s amazing David’s cone didn’t break from the weight. We have Calder’s Dairy store near me and while they make all their dairy products at the farm about 30 miles away, they do a thriving business scooping ice cream for cones. They also do milkshakes and banana splits but cones are their specialty. My friend worked Summers while attending college. When I went in and she was on, I’d come out with cones like that – one time I lost an Oreo ice cream cone in the parking lot – it just toppled over due to the heat, much as I tried to contain walking to the car. 🙂


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