The Ultimate Dish Garden

Our first visit to the Asheville Arboretum was delightful. Grandson David and I took an inordinate amount of time looking at the bonsai trees. I have seen miniature trees inside, but these were all outdoors. My favorite photo, with David included, was one that looked like a dish garden. I wanted to shrink myself and sit on the garden bench.

I snagged David and John to pose with my favorite single tree-on-a-shelf.

One of the first gardens we came to was the quilt garden. I believe they change the design of the squares every other year, copying a standard quilt design. We climbed the steps of the viewing platform to see it from above.

I can’t resist running water, so the stream garden was another favorite. Plants normally found near streams were in that area. The smooth water course didn’t produce much more than a gurgle, but it was visually engaging.

As you might imagine, we spent a bit of time near the train layout. John and David peeked in the shed to see the cars stored there. As they inspected the tracks and scenery, I watched two women with their five children in the amphitheater on the hill below. The children were cavorting on the stage and slipping through the wall of evergreen trees. It was the perfect place for them to shriek and chase each other while their mothers chatted.

Most of the visitors were parents with young children or retirees, a nice mix! There were probably serious walkers on the miles of trails that surround the gardens. We had a delightful time on a cloudy day when the temperature was on the cool side of warm.

25 thoughts on “The Ultimate Dish Garden

  1. If you’d made me stand by the running water to take a photograph, I’d have run off to have a pee before you pressed the button. The bonsais are magnificent. I never have any joy with plants, I’m a hardened killer.
    Massive Hugs

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        1. Lol, let’s just say I know my way around all kinds of herbs. An aero garden is a cool inside growing system that uses water and special LED lights. I’ve grown lots of herbs and veggies, just haven’t done flowers yet.

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