Bargaining for a Recipe

Our outing this week was going to Pisgah Inn where the clouds can sometimes be below the dining room. The day was cloudy, which is often the best time to go there. We didn’t see rain, but we did watch the clouds as we enjoyed good food. Grandson David and I agreed to share a dinner, knowing there is always too much food to eat comfortably at one sitting. We were saving room for a fabulous dessert. John had a light meal by himself and was ready to share a sweet. We had French silk pie and Brownie a la mode. With three of us sharing two desserts, we didn’t have to feel guilty about the cost or the calories.

I should have taken a photo of the chocolate pie, but I was too busy cutting it up. It disappeared in no time, although we continued to talk about it. John wanted to know was it really fudge. No, candy would not have that consistency. Since it was quite firm, did I think it was frozen? No, it was not frozen because it didn’t melt. Finally I said to him, “Bring me here ten times, and I’ll order the pie each time. I’ll figure out what is in it and find a recipe for it.”

John laughed, but he had a quick retort. He said, “I’ll bring grandson Nathaniel here just once, and he’ll know how to make it for me.”

We were cold in the dining room, almost to the point of shivering. David said he was going outside as soon as we got up from the table. I took his picture as he grabbed the railing firmly and said how good it felt to have his hands instantly warmed.

We drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway, stopping a couple of times to look at rain in the distance. David was busy getting a panoramic picture with his phone when I aimed at him and the mist in the mountains.

A real photographer urged me to try a panoramic shot, and I looked in the manual to see if there were instructions for my camera. I couldn’t find anything specific. My attempt failed. The camera said it couldn’t save it. David offered to help me do it with my phone, since he had just done it with his. The phone said it wouldn’t save my shot and to shut it down before trying again. I think I have a terrible tech rebellion on my hands. My consolation prize was one photo of the Smokies that I liked.

35 thoughts on “Bargaining for a Recipe

  1. I hate when I have a tech rebellion….unfortunately that seems to be more than I like! I love those pictures especially the one of David taking a photo. Your view is beautiful and I have a feeling your pie was delicious. I think John should take you their ten times to figure out the recipe! I think you had a fine idea with that one.

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  2. Dining above the clouds sounds so cool. I love how you think – ” buy it for me 10 times and I’ll make it for you.” I think Nathaniel could learn from your bargaining skills. LOL.


    1. A friend in England just emailed me a link to a recipe that sounds very good. I don’t want to knock grandson Nathaniel out of a chance to experience the French Silk Pie firsthand. I think I should hold off trying it, don’t you? With luck, I’d get to have it once more at the restaurant above the clouds.

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    1. A friend from England shared her recipe with me. IF I make it, and IF I like it as much as the restaurant version, I’ll sent it to you. I believe I SHOULD hold off, though, until grandson Nathaniel has had a taste of the real thing. I must not deprive him of that pleasure, just in case I get to go along for another taste, too.

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    1. I hope y’all will get here. We were gone several weeks on two trips, but we are home now. We need to see how long son $ and Rose plan to live here when they get back from their trip. David would probably be willing to give up his room for delightful people such as you and Mary Agnes.


  3. I struggle with tech rebellion on a daily basis 😉
    You still managed great photos as always.
    I would have froze to death if you were shivering, I am constantly cold…one of the downsides of the keto lifestyle I’m afraid. Luckily I live in Texas where once you step outside, you are instantly warmed up again!


  4. What a gorgeous view you got with the mountains in the background. The pie sounds wonderful and yup … Nathaniel would likely figure it out in a heartbeat. My mom used to listen to a woman who was a guest on a radio show – her name was Gloria Pitzer and she was known as “The Recipe Detective” – she would take any recipe and recreate it. She had a newsletter (in those days it was snail mail) and sent it out with what she had discovered the last month. After subscribing for many years to the newsletter, Ms. Pitzer created a cookbook, which we got. She had funny names for all the creations – you could tell what it was but a quirky name, like “Mrs. Meadows Chocolate Chip Cookies” instead of “Mrs. Fields …”. She was spot on on anything my mom ever made from her recipes. She passed away not long ago and I see her daughter has a blog devoted to her and her recipes – they still sell the book we had.


  5. I’m going to borrow your line ‘… bring me here 10 times and…I’ll learn how to make it’😄The photos are spectacular. Reminds me of the VA mountains we admire when bringing my youngest back to college down there.


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