Identifying a Wildflower

I wondered aloud about some bright red berries above the road, knowing neighbor Marla might know the answer. She is a waste-no-time problem-solver. John held Albert’s leash while Marla tried to get a phone app identification. The app didn’t perform, so she took a photo of the plants and hoped one of her friends could give us the answer. I admired her steady hand as she zoomed in for a close-up.

Albert wasn’t interested in berries out of his reach.

Meanwhile, out West, son John $pencer and Rose saw snow beginning to blanket a mountain peak in Wyoming. The next day they were hiking in snow! Do you think dog Sadie was making snow angels?

25 thoughts on “Identifying a Wildflower

  1. I hope you get your identification and they aren’t poisonous after all that effort. Sadie must be a snow virgin and having the time of her life. I bet the novelty wears off.
    xxx Humongous Hugs xxx


  2. I did read on the Accuweather site this morning that there was snow already but didn’t note where it was from. I missed this post … I am still four days behind despite spending three hours here tonight. I do think Sadie made snow angels!


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