Bathroom Chuckles

We stopped for lunch in a pub. David came back from the one restroom in the back, chucking about a sign on the door. Thinking others would enjoy it, I snapped a picture of it.

Looking at it a day later, I wondered if the sign was poking fun at our state. A year or so ago North Carolina passed a law to define which bathroom people should use. We were the laughingstock of the nation, and perhaps the world. The pub had only one public restroom, so obviously everyone would use it. I decided the message of the sign was a good one. It doesn’t matter if you are human or alien, the important thing is to wash your hands before leaving that room.

We went to see the Apple Valley Model Railroad Club, housed in the former train station of Hendersonville. John was impressed with the layouts and the attention to detail in the areas they modeled. There were sections with buildings from Canton, Asheville, Black Mountain, Waynesville, and a few others. I had photos from the sections featuring HO gauge and garden railway size.

There was one engine from the 1/8th scale, which is the size John currently works with at his train club in Tennessee. I need a good picture of him sitting behind his engine as it pulls him around the tracks.

Club members interacted with us as they ran the trains. I laughed when one man told me that I could rest easy if my men were in the hobby. He said, “You know when they aren’t in the house, they are not out somewhere drinking. They are in the garage tinkering with trains.”

On the way home, we stopped at Sunburst Waterfalls, our favorite. I took one photo looking downstream, because the water level was lower than we’ve seen before.

25 thoughts on “Bathroom Chuckles

  1. I think your interpretation of the sign is right or you must be nearer Area 51 than you thought, So the advice to brides in the Parish Magazine is always save to buy your husband a shed and a subscription to a model train magazine and you’ll always know where he is.
    Huge Hugs xxxx


  2. They should have that sign here in Michigan which is the state with the biggest Hepatitus A outbreak because food-handlers don’t wash their hands. The Michigan Tourism Bureau was miffed one time because the tourism bureaus for Ohio and Indiana said if you go to visit your neighboring state of Michigan, get your Hep A shot first … we have had deaths as a result of Hep A here in our state. This sign was funny!

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    1. Very few people have trains you can ride in their backyards, so they band together to buy land for the tracks. John belonged to a live steam club on Long Island for 50 years. There are engines that run on steam (coal or oil fired) and those that are powered by a car battery.


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