Fun with a Frog

Grandson David occasionally texts me when he is on a break at work. We chat for a few minutes about something silly if there is no real news. I have the advantage of speed, since I can type on the computer or dictate to the phone. He has to touch his screen to reply. That’s why he often has one-word answers. This conversation started with fact, but it didn’t stay there.

I wrote, “I rescued a little tan frog from the waterfall pool today. He could not get out of the water, so I scooped him up in a bucket and let him out on dry land.”

David responded, “OK.”

“I think he tried to wink at me.”


“Do you think I should have kissed him?”


The story ended before it became a fairy tale.

30 thoughts on “Fun with a Frog

  1. You can’t go round kissing random frogs Anne, what if it became a Prince which would be an anachronism in a country that doesn’t recognise titles. And then you started a trend for kissing frogs so there were more princes than kingdoms.You’d have to start an agency to marry the all off to princesses across the world.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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  2. Love it!! So wonderful to have these conversations with our grandkids. My granddaughter calls me the Grammar Gramma and sent me something to edit for her new website. So cute!!


  3. I’m sure, had you kissed him the following would have occurred. A great Steam Engine would approach, with a wonderful Pullman, with ornate Ironware on the overhang would swoop off the mountain. A recent birthday celebrant would have swooped you up and would say ” All aboard, NOW”.

    Quote the Rooster, evermore!

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