Driving on the Blue Ridge

Grandson David and I took a quick drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway, because we both love the views. The definition of quick gets slower as you ride. We got out at the first overlook because mist was flowing across the gap. We walked the length of the parking area, and I took one photo after the mist cleared.

As we walked back to our car, a couple spoke to us. We all agreed the view was spectacular. They asked where we came from, and we found out they were from Atlanta. They were most interested in good views and seeing waterfalls.

Two overlooks later, we saw that couple again. I walked over to them and pointed out my favorite tree, the mountain ash. The berries were a bright red. The tree might grow elsewhere, but I have seen it only at higher elevations.

A young man spoke to us, wondering if the weather would be good for an hour. I knew the forecast included rain, and we could see dark clouds approaching. He said his friend asked him to call from that overlook. The friend was going to propose there and was driving up with his girlfriend and a photographer. David and I had our doubts about the weather, but the young man decided to tell his friend to come. How I wish we could have fast-forwarded the time to see what happened! The young man was driving on to Asheville and wouldn’t be on the spot at proposal time. It’s probably a good thing he was leaving, because I don’t think the scenery would perform as promised. As we drove home, we saw one brilliant streak of lightning, followed by a heavy downpour that lasted only a few minutes.

31 thoughts on “Driving on the Blue Ridge

  1. My mom recently moved to Asheville with my brother and her new favorite past time is driving the Blue Ridge Parkway. She had a friend come visit her last week and they spent a couple days discovering stops along the Parkway (they live in Candler, so it isn’t a long drive to get there). I would do the same if I lived in the area, it’s so beautiful. It would have been awesome to see the proposal–I hope the rain held back just long enough!


    1. I told grandson David that we should go on the Blue Ridge every other week until leaf season is over. I’m glad your mom is enjoying the scenery. Most of us live in the valleys, so it’s very special to get those sweeping views from the parkway.

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  2. No wonder you love this view – it is spectacular. Your weather is as fitful as ours. Rain/storms predicted this morning – the rain is happening, the storms not yet, but it is chilly – very cold in the house, but we are getting to 80 today and 85 or higher tomorrow, so reluctant to put the heat on, but at least it is not Montana. My walking is taking a hit though.


    1. Our afternoons can get uncomfortably warm, but the nights are cool.

      Walking — I’ve done lots of half walks, because I come back and work in the garden for an hour. Still, we’ve racked up 395 miles as of today. I know you were willing to walk many days when the weather was against you.

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      1. That is good because I’m not getting much done in the garden. The leaves are starting to fall in the backyard and I must get the roses cut down before we have snow like last year in early November. I walked when it looked like it would pour by going to a nearby Park, just a block away and walking laps there to get my steps in, and walking at Meijer in the extreme heat. I will have some errands to do that did not get done in September due to rain or extreme heat (loading in groceries for Winter). We had a rainy weekend which hindered getting items checked off my list. It was a disappointing weather year so far.


          1. Thanks – I was hoping to get to 942 yesterday with an even 300 miles to go, but the rain spoiled that and so I had to leave it at that. I originally only wanted to go one more mile than the previous year which is what I’ve done since I began walking in 2011 … that is my ultimate yearly goal … unfortunately I listened to several people (two runners, AJ and Laurie and also Wayne) who said – make it an even 2,000 kilometers which is 1,242 miles which I think is 80 more miles than I would have gone. If at year-end I did not make that extra 80 miles due to weather, I might just go back to my one mile more than last year rule which I’ve been doing since I began walking in 2011. They say (Farmers Almanac) we will be having a rainy and cool November with snow by Thanksgiving. I’ll walk in the snow, although not a lot of time if I am shoveling it first but not if there is ice, black ice and not in the chilly rain. Do you think giving myself a waiver on the extra 80 miles is silly? I had not only the weather to contend with but I had the multiple house issues where I did not get out to walk as I was waiting on contractor visits for the emergencies/repair/install and then an issue when the door went off the track. I thas not been a stellar year here unfortunately on a lot of levels.


              1. Thanks that is what I thought too – if I make it – great. There have been years when I did not think I’d make it to my self-imposed goal of one mile more. One year we had snow the first or second week in December. I was bound and determined to get the miles walked and walked in a park two blocks away – they shovel the parking lot as there is a big church on one side and a senior center/activity center with a huge Christmas display starting Thanksgiving every year. I walked laps in the parking lot to get it done. My own record. It is still 73 degrees out and very humid.

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  3. Oh, and just wait when the colors turn. I remember how gorgeous those mountains are when the colors turn. In 2007, they were particularly magnificent!. I heard that the previous years weather cycle affects the intensity of their color. Looking forward to pictures of that. hint. hint. (wink)


  4. What a thing to plan your proposal and include a photographer. Not sure that I’d have said yes with a camera pointed at me. Still I hope the young couple are engaged and that they live a long and happy life together.

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  5. Beautiful photos of a beautiful place! They remind me of the times we visited with our children when they were young. I would be wishing I could have witnessed the proposal too. I wonder how it went. I hope she said “yes”!

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