Flying Visit in a Car

Nieces Kathie and Julie, with great-nephew Max, stopped by our house on their way home from a quick get-away. I was thrilled to see them. It was the first time Kathie and Max had been here.

Max, Julie, and Kathie

Julie said this trip was modeled after the Mystery Trips SIL Beth used to plan for her grandchildren. Beth would tell the parents how to pack for their children, but none of them knew where the children were going. I remember seeing a photo from one of those trips where Max, Sam, and Kate wore matching tee-shirts with the theme of the trip.

The three drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway, took a hike in the mountains, went to a concert in Chattanooga, spent the night there, had lunch in Knoxville, came here, and headed home in the rain. Maybe it was more of a whirlwind than a flight.

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