A Visit from Logan and Lily

Neighbors Shawn and Bob stopped their car to say hello to us while we were walking. We noticed Logan and his niece in the back seat and found out there was no school today. The two children came over to visit as David was leaving for work. I loved the way Logan (9) looked after Lily (7), interpreting her speech for me when I couldn’t hear what she was saying. We usually hide something for Logan to find, so I hid two items. I quietly suggested to Logan that he not tell Lily when he found the first one and to keep looking for the second. He signaled when he found the first in a mug and kept searching until he found one in an antique egg beater on the wall. He gave hints to her until she found hers. The children posed for a picture, cooperative as always. I thought Lily looked cute with her cat whiskers and lashes. I wondered if, in twenty years, she runs for elective office and will be hounded from the roster because she dressed in cat-face.

All four of us played with a balloon, and they went outside to fly the gliders. Lily was diverted by the horses, staying by the fence while the fellows flew the plane and retrieved it from the evergreen tree. I was on the deck and zoomed in with the camera as Logan joined Lily.

The horses loved the children. They won’t do more than look at me and walk away, unless I have treats for them. Not so today. They stood still and let Lily pet them. Logan asked if we had anything to feed them, so we got an apple and some horse treats. John doled out the treats to the children, freeing me to aim the camera.

John went inside when he got cold, followed shortly by Logan. They took advantage of being alone and played a game of checkers. Lily perched on the fence, chatting to me and the horses. DW kept nuzzling her, making me wonder if he spends time with children when his owner takes him away from the pasture for months at a time. He liked the smell of her hair and her sweatshirt. Lily and I were still with the horses when Logan called her in. The children were told to come home in an hour, and Logan kept an eye on the clock. We enjoyed their visit, having missed seeing the young set for weeks.

DW enjoys being petted as Vixen comes up behind Lily

31 thoughts on “A Visit from Logan and Lily

  1. So peaceful, the kids looked totally at ease with the horses. I guess they are immune to the cold or was it pleasant like here today. Actually, I’ve been in shorts all day but a little chilly in the house. In the sun it’s probably warm now that the temps have climbed to 74. We had severe storms last night but faired way better than Dallas. Lots of damage there I’m afraid.


    1. I was amazed that the children showed no signs of being afraid of the horses. Lily was wearing shorts and a sweatshirt, sending mixed signals. Our temperatures were in the 60s today. We were comfortable when the sun was shining, but we wore jackets while eating lunch on the porch. The wind made things seem much cooler.

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  2. It’s always nice when the youngsters are around especially when they’re in game playing mode.. You or John must have greaatg lungs to keep blowing up balloons and a lifetime supply of them to blow up. I love seeing children have such a love for animals as Lily does sitting on that fence and she’s full of trust as are the horses.
    How I envy you that your house is the hub of such innocent activity.
    Massive Hugs


    1. We’re the oldest geezers in the neighborhood, so everyone is younger than we are. The children love animals. I don’t know what pets Lily might have, but Logan lives with three dogs and one cat.

      xxx Equine Hugs xxx


  3. Loved this post Anne! I have so missed having time to write and read blogs. I read your “catface” comment to Lar and we both laughed. We also wondered if it might be slightly prophetic!
    The photos of the kids and the horses are so sweet.


  4. Good-looking kids. I am reading about a book on horse language at the moment. Did you know that they are more intelligent than other animals in the planet? They could sense when you are relaxed or agitated.


  5. Sounds like a fine time was had by all! Your kindness to the neighbor children is wonderful. I am sure they will remember it for the rest of their lives!


  6. The children (of all ages) that you post about are richly blessed to have you in their lives. You might not be too far off that Lily’s cat whiskers could be cause for a ruckus in 20 years…

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  7. Logan and Lily have made two new friends – the horses look at peace with them, and they likewise are totally smitten. A magical time for them. I loved how Logan looks after his younger sister. A day filled with joy for you all.


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