Mug Shots

Grandson David and I were chatting with daughter Kate. We pressed the speaker icon so that we could both hear her. She shrieked when we told her she was balanced on the mustard while we were eating.

She laughed when she received the photo that David sent on his phone. She countered with her mug shot that says, “happy fall y’all.” She said she should bring it to North Carolina the next time she comes. I said that she should keep it in New Jersey to let her Southern roots show.

I shared a photo of the mug I was using featuring the Peanuts characters. John and I found it last year and bought it as a remembrance of my mother, a great fan of the comic strip. I’m sure she would have gotten a kick out of it.

Do you have silly conversations like we do?

22 thoughts on “Mug Shots

  1. Love the mugs! I also love the Peanuts gang and still love to watch the specials that are on at holiday time. My favorite…..the Christmas one with that sad little tree and hearing them recite Luke 2.


  2. That’s funny – can’t blame your mom for liking the Peanuts gang … we have a Christmas decoration which is a Peanuts train, and each one of the gang is sitting on one of the cars – it’s very cute and downstairs in the red-and-green totes stored away. Not bringing much holiday cheer there.


  3. We cut our Christmas trees down at a place called “Charlie Brown’s Christmas Farm.” Our family is beyond silly, though lately my grandchildren seem to keep telling us that we aren’t that funny. After they have laughed.


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