Geography with Logan

It’s easier to keep up with neighbors in warm weather when people sit on their porches or work in their yards. We hadn’t seen neighbor Logan and his parents for a long time, so we got together after school for dessert and a quick visit. We knew they had an appointment and couldn’t stay long. That explains why the exit photo had a deer-in-the-headlights aura.

Shawn said she is going on a mission trip next year, causing John to bring the globe to the table. Logan found the country, and that led to John’s talking about the Gulf stream. That’s the wonderful part about having a living encyclopedia in the room. You get information focused on the present topic. I once likened John to an interactive screen. You press him, and history comes out.

There must be a magnet in that globe. We all find it irresistible once someone begins looking at it. Shawn said geography isn’t taught in school any more. I asked grandson David if he knew where Africa was, and he pointed to it and continued identifying Australia and New Zealand as the globe turned. David was just out of camera range, but he was in on the conversation. I was relieved he had map skills, some of which must have come from early schooling.

31 thoughts on “Geography with Logan

  1. There is nothing more exciting than a globe to explore. How great to have a walking, talking encyclopedia in your house. KIds love information and soak it up like a sponge.


  2. My grandchildren are home schooled and I just finished helping the older one memorize the countries and capitals of Eastern Europe. Things have changed there too. Somehow I missed Czechoslovakia being split.


  3. Interesting they don’t teach geography any more – I remember having the globe and also pull down maps at the front of the class for different countries and one of the entire world.


    1. Pull-down maps! I had forgotten them! Some years ago I told myself to keep an atlas handy and look for countries I was reading about in the newspaper. The object was to get their locations fixed in my mind, but I never did it once. My loss!

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      1. Yes, we had those in grade school and I don’t think we had them when I moved here for sixth grade. My mom liked geography and we had an atlas and she would teach me some things as well, especially for book reports. I can remember doing a book report on the pygmies in Africa – strange how that sticks in your mind after all these years. Lots of research at the library using encyclopedias – kids don’t know what those are these days.
        My worldwide geography knowledge could use a boost, that’s for sure! Show Logan how to find Kentucky!

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  4. It’s wonderful to read that some youngsters such as Logan actually know about geography. I fear that too few children will grow up to possess the wealth of knowledge your husband does!


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