Zero Birthdays

Both son John $pencer and friend Rose had birthdays ending in zero while they were traveling out West. We wished them happy birthday via telephone, but we had to celebrate in person when they came back. John prepared his spaghetti sauce, and I used my mother’s Apple Crisp recipe for our homespun celebration. It was wonderful to have them home again for a while.

I told $ the little present for him was a gag gift. It was a set of salt and pepper shakers in the shape of owls. I couldn’t tell by his expression if he remembered I gave him the same thing last year. We raised him right, and he said thank you sincerely. I explained that I spotted them in the store, knew he’d like them because he likes owls, and bought them. After I got home, I remembered that was exactly what happened last year – same thought, same store, same time of year, same price. Aauuggghhh! At least my thinking is consistent!

51 thoughts on “Zero Birthdays

  1. Lol that is so funny! I was just thinking the other day that I need to start keeping a handy list of gifts I buy as I end up with tons for some people and nothing for others!


  2. Let’s hope he doesn’t have you tested! I have a girlfriend whose beau bought her an expensive scarab bracelet (remember those from the 70s?) two years in a row? Since she wore the first one she couldn’t figure out how he forgot he had already bought her one. The relationship didn’t last but it didn’t have anything to do with his gift buying skills.


  3. In Germany, birthdays ending in a zero are called “the big round ones.” I didn’t know that. During my first Fulbright year, there were fresh flowers at my spot on the table in the teachers’ room. My support teacher Heidi said it wasn’t a round one so they didn’t celebrate with more. Interesting. Refreshing that you celebrate them too. Owl salt and pepper shakers sound cool.

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  4. Well he can take one on camping trips and keep the other one at home for when they look for a place after traveling and seeing the world. That is funny. They were gone a long time – you could combine birthdays, and a welcome home celebration as well. Family home for the holidays begins in earnest now and David is excited to see Sadie.


      1. When you commented about Rose and the squirrels’ nests, I had not read your post yet about John $, Rose and Sadie’s return from their travels – what stories they could tell – a book or a blog perhaps?? I remember David loved Sadie when she was there this Summer.


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