A Day in the Mountains

Grandson David had a day off, and son John $pencer and Rose were free. We had a delightful day driving in the mountains, first going through Cherokee and on to Robbinsville. Eating at Lynn’s Place was great. This eatery is like a small diner, one three of us had been to before. One of the wait staff asked where we came from, and when she heard Waynesville, she said they have a customer who comes often. She finds any excuse to be there for a meal.

We drove on a skyline drive, one that I could spell if I could remember how to pronounce it. Surprisingly, there were more leaves on the trees in Tennessee than we have. Most of the leaves were gone near the edge of the road, so we could see the mountains through a filter of bare branches. Sadie seemed content to rest on the seat next to David, which delighted him. She went around the car occasionally, greeting the rest of us. It was fun having her with us.

David expressed interest in seeing Bald River Falls again, the place where he and his mother went swimming one time. No one was interested in touching that cold, cold water! It was fun to watch the falls from the bridge, well away from the spray. Everyone was willing to pose, except for John taking a nap in the car and Sadie trying to smell every inch of the bridge.

Rose shared two pictures I requested – David with Sadie and my son with me.

23 thoughts on “A Day in the Mountains

        1. I think we Americans are used to driving long distances, and we don’t feel the need to plan everything ahead. John’s trips to NY appear to be without thought, but he has done it so often that much of it is by rote.

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  1. Love the photos. Always a treat to have one with you in it. $ looks quite a bit like you, eh? Same beautiful smiles and eye twinkles.


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