Musical Beds, Snow, and Friends

We played musical beds the week of Thanksgiving. There were seven of us, so at least one person slept on the floor each night. Daughter Lise probably moved the most, sleeping in the living room, John’s office, and my room. I had a surprising experience, finding warmth where I least expected it. My north-facing bedroom was always frigid in cold weather, so I assumed the other two bedrooms were equally uncomfortable. Grandson David prefers the top bunk and offered me the single bed in his room. It was my childhood bed that had been my mother’s before me. I lay under a very thin blanket and a light quilt, expecting to shiver. Warm! It was toasty warm! The other surprise was finding David is even quieter at night than during the day. If I snored, he was polite enough not to mention it.

Lise and I were excited that the forecast was correct. We walked to the creek in falling snow! Neighbor Marla was walking Albert, and we had a nice chat with her.

Lise and Marla

When we came home, the grass was covered with snow. We didn’t get much more, and like the typical North Carolina snow, was gone a few hours later.

Connie and Marla suggested having lunch together. We went to a place none of us had been before and enjoyed the food and the visiting. There is nothing else in the world like having neighbors who are friends.

Connie, Lise, and Marla

35 thoughts on “Musical Beds, Snow, and Friends

  1. Well, the snow on the ground sets a beautiful scene even if it didn’t last.I’m so surprised that you found a local watering hole you haven’t eaten at before. I thought you and the boys had tried them all.
    xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx


  2. We ended up with the light dusting turning into seven inches. It made my husband happy since once he can’t garden he is at loose ends. Snow means he can be outdoors for hours clearing everything in sight! How funny that the bedroom is warmer than yours. You may have to switch.


      1. I would like that a lot Anne. We’ve had a good run of weather after the Veteran’s Day snowstorm and even with snowshowers a few times, it did did not impact walking.
        The good weather will continue through Sunday evening … then we have an all-day rain Monday followed by a transition to wintry precip and an Arctic blast. I’m already worried that if it’s freezing rain (they can’t determine yet) and we have plunging temps, that might be the treacherous weather where you worry just going out the door to start the car. It is always something with the weather here. I will meet my goal, but going to cap it, even if I walk more miles – the weather here is getting too erratic. We never experienced these temperature swings and Winter lingering longer into April until the last few years.

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  3. Your sleeping arrangements remind me of visiting my grandparents … the house would be packed and my brother and I would end up on mattresses on the floor. All so festive and fun – also no musical beds for us! Oh, it is lovely when neighbours are also good friends, a blessing indeed and looks like you all had a great time out! A dusting of snow is the perfect solution, the feel and look of winter without all the hassle of drifts, crashes etc.


  4. Anne, I love your post. Musical beds included! We have a tad more snow than what you have, but it is always magical. Family and friends coming together make wonderful memories. Enjoy the weekend and upcoming Christmas season. “”__””


      1. Anne, thank you for the comment. Christmas performance on Dec. 14 with the Syracuse Chorale and at church Christmas eve at 7 PM when they needed extra singers. My husband joined me this year in chorale too. How about you? Happy 2nd Advent.


        1. John and grandson David will sing in the church choir for special Christmas music. I don’t sing any more. I’ve lost my vocal range. I used to have 2.5 octaves, and I’m down to one now. I can still sing in my head!

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          1. Anne, thank you for the lovely information. I imagine the Lord is pleased with your family and you, the one singing in her head. The muscle memory is still there for singing for a lifetime. Singing in the shower is a great activity too with the warm water and steam for the vocal chords. Blessings this Advent season! “”__””


                1. John says they transpose some things in our church. I don’t know whether they use the piano, the organ, or both to do it. I was the organist at our church on Long Island, and our organ had no such capability. I can’t transpose, so I was always limited by the written notes.

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                  1. Anne, I can’t transpose on the spot but could sit down and write out the notes which was tedious. For some music on, you can transpose and listen to see if the version is something you can sing or not. Some organs have tricks to transposing by hitting a Bflat or some other note. Instructions came with the organ. Older churches and instruments probably do not have the capability. The other method is to play a good starting note and sing it quietly to see if it is correct and then have everyone sing a cappella. The results are sometimes a disaster and funny when you listen to what should have been the last note!


                    1. Anne, I tend to be verbose. When our Director had a sudden heart attack about 3 years ago and was out for about 6 months, I jumped in to help with the Teen service Christmas Eve. Then we hired a part-time person for just Sat. night. Without much practice, I muddled through. It was when he returned that I asked our Director about changing keys to music. Would I be able to do that today? Probably not. We have an acoustic piano next to the electric one plus and electric organ in our church. Unfortunately, some in the parish know of my keyboard skills or lack of them without practice, so I try not to volunteer for anything anymore. I am strictly singing in the choir now. I totally understand your happiness at not being in charge any more too. Sing in your head and in the shower! Happy Advent season. ox


                    2. You were brave to volunteer to help with the teen service. I’m sure you did an excellent job.

                      I’m very thankful that there are two excellent organists who play for our church regularly. They are not going to be looking for a substitute.

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                    3. Anne, let’s just say I was volunteered by the then Pastor who knew I had been music director in a nearby church. I couldn’t hide from that. It was a quite sudden assignment but I/we pulled it together. We have a choir MD who plays trumpet and helped out and another parishioner who plays flute. All it takes then is a few teen singers and we pulled it off. My organist career started at age 13 until 18 when I left for college. Daily playing, three times on Sunday, and all the weddings and funerals during that time frame. Whenever we travel, I make it a point to go up afterwards and thank the musicians. Thank you for your years of service. Music ministry is a vital part of church life. ox


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