Lessons and Carols with Logan

Neighbor Shawn told us that her son Logan (9) was reading one of the lessons at their program of Lessons and Carols. We were very glad we went, because it was fantastic. Shawn was in the choir, so we saw her singing. The choir was extremely good, as was the bell choir. We were impressed with the music they chose and the way they presented it.

We paid particular attention when Logan was reading. Grandson David was sitting on the aisle, so I asked him to take a photo. I appreciated his willingness to do something he might have been a bit embarrassed to do. In the first shot, you have to know where to look to find this amazing fourth-grader in the big church. I’m fairly sure he was the youngest person involved in the service.

David zoomed in and got the best shot he could. The microphone covered most of Logan’s face, but you can see his feet on the stand they put there for him. After he read, he returned to the front pew on the left. I found out later that he had a tablet to play with. We were impressed that he didn’t fidget or wiggle during the long presentation. What a boy!

The congregation was invited for snacks and desserts in the gym. I’m glad they had small plates, because I could have pigged out and eaten a week’s worth of calories in one sitting. One of Shawn’s friends from the choir joined us and offered to take a photo that included me. I preferred the shot without me, but I’m including this to show I can survive being on the lens side of the camera.

David, Shawn, Logan, Anne, and John

Shawn let Logan ride home with us. He sat in the back with David and chattered about video games the whole way. I hadn’t a clue, but David knew what he was talking about.

25 thoughts on “Lessons and Carols with Logan

  1. Even in the close up shot of Logan he looks grey and translucent as though it’s just an image projected there. It’s actually a brilliant shot. So nice to see you gracing the stage on the other side of the lens,
    Gigantic Hugs


  2. I prefer the other side of the lense too but…I’m not very good at photos. I usually let someone else do the honors and share the results. My grands were in the childrens program last night at their church. They all did really good. Even my 3 year old knew all of the words and hand moves. A lot of fun.

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  3. Logan,
    Great job reading the lesson at 9 years- the church was beautifully decorated and lit. I wish I could have heard the music. Last weekend I attended the choir service( Lessons and Carols) at the University church- that was the first time I saw an entire church full of people.


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