Last of Lise’s Visit

Neighbors Shawn and Bob invited us for dessert the night before daughter Lise left. Shawn and Lise have a special bond; they share the same birthday and have always enjoyed each other. Logan (9) had snuggled next to his mother, playing with a tablet.

David was in dog heaven, having his hands on two of their dogs as Bob watched in the background.

Of all the homes Lise has seen in Denmark, she said few had a bathtub. She intended to soak in our tub, but didn’t get to it until her last night. Shawn gave her a bath bomb to make it extra special.

This was the last photo I took of Lise. We were on the way to Charlotte and dropped Rose and son John $pencer off to pick up her car. The girls were laughing about Lise’s stuffed animal. Instead of T-Rex, she named him T-Red. After she got home, Lise texted that T-Red had a seat to himself from Charlotte to London.

We packed a lot into Lise’s two-week visit, giving us many memories to savor.

22 thoughts on “Last of Lise’s Visit

  1. What a wonderful visit this has been especially as you’ve had John $ and Rose around for a while too..So much family has kept you on the go and busy keeping memories on the camera. The memories will be great.
    Humongous Hugs


    1. We’ve had a fantastic holiday season so far, and I’m so happy to have photographic proof. This could help keep me grounded if my mental faculties begin to fade.

      xxx Fading Hugs xxx


  2. I can see that you have been in heaven for a while. My Daughter is in Stockholm and is with Nordic Entertainment. I do get time to video chat with her, often. The face to face time is always the best. Great series of accounts of her stay with you.


  3. It’s nice to know that even though Lise is gone, more holiday time with loved ones is not too far off and before you know it, Thanksgiving 2020 will be here with a return visit from Lise. Interesting regarding the bath tubs and lack thereof in Denmark. David looks happy and content with the two dogs – Sadie will be sniffing as she thought she was the only dog for David. 🙂


      1. They are easy to love. I would have one too, but my fear of losing another precious pet keeps me from getting one. Today I thought of my first canary Sugar, who died 9 years ago today, same year my mom passed away. A pet is a wonderful companion. My parents told me after we lost our last dog, that three times with dogs did not work out well, so no more dogs but for a wedding present, I would be gifted a dog. Hmm.


          1. I am like David … I substitute having a pet by interacting with the squirrels. I don’t know if I can change my mindset … perhaps if I had family, I would feel differently, but losing three pet birds in my lifetime to cancer, respiratory illness and a stroke, respectively, I just can’t go through that heartache again.
            My friend Ilene has raised Goldens since she was young and she is in her 80s now and still has several dogs in her home (rural area in Kingsville, Ontario). She still tracks with them as much as she can get out – she had a trip and fall on the cement this time last year … a brain bleed and brain surgery and had a second episode where she collapsed in her backyard in March. The dogs, whom she had let out into the yard, and was in her robe, came over and covered her body with theirs … she survived and luckily her brother was coming over to plow her driveway, called and no answer and found her in the backyard. She is fully recovered by wears a medic-alert button.


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