Logan’s Accuracy

Neighbor Logan (9) came over to visit, and one of the things he and John did was toss a tennis ball. When I went onto the deck to watch, Logan was counting the number of times they threw and caught the ball without dropping it. He is much more accurate than he was five years ago when we first knew him, and maybe John hasn’t lost his ability, either. The count was in the high 40s. I cringed when Logan dropped to his knees to catch a ball. I’m not sure if I was more concerned with the damage to his jeans or the horror if my replaced knees saw it.

The fellows posed for me in the kitchen when Logan was on his way home. Shawn, Logan’s mother, had been house-sitting for a daughter, and I didn’t think she was home yet. I said I wanted to send her a picture, which was as good an excuse as any, don’t you think?

I sent her the photo and was thrilled to have it for myself, as well.

27 thoughts on “Logan’s Accuracy

  1. At least the ground looked soft for Logan’s knees! It’s amazing the crashes to ground a young body can take … but I can feel your new knees cringing in pain. As for the jean – any patches to hand?😀


  2. That is a great picture of John and Logan … I can hear you cringe thinking of your store-bought knees as Logan hit the ground with a heavy thud. He doesn’t look any the worse for the wear though.


      1. He adores you and John as much as you do him – it shows in every picture you post where you feature Logan, especially pics spending time with John, even the globe perusal last year.


          1. I know you have fun together and my gut feeling is Logan sees how close you are with Nathaniel and David and he will enjoy a relationship with you and John for many years to come.


              1. I’m sure it will Anne and I think it is because Logan is mature for his age. I had no siblings as you know and my parents were older (they were 30 when I was born – most of my friends had younger parents – 30 to have a child was an oddity, or so I was told by my parents), so I was always comfortable with hanging around my parents and/or their friends. I traveled with friends of the family to Spain three weeks (1974) and Puerto Rico for ten days (1973) – they were a little younger than my own parents. When I graduated from college, I was in no hurry to move out and get my own place as I enjoyed traveling and saved my money for that and photography and clothes, etc. so that’s how I see things with Logan, who likely may pattern himself after David and the closeness he has with you and John and Nathaniel of course who is eager to visit with you any chance he gets.


                1. My dad complained about the way his mom over-protected him, blaming it on her being an older parent. She was 36 when he was born. I have laughed at that many times, because I was 36 when son John was born. I should ask him today if he thinks I coddled him.

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                  1. But when your dad was born I think the norm would have been having kids at a younger age … liked 20s. That is how my parents said it was – most people they knew had kids in their 20s, so they were the exception to their peers. Was your dad an only child and that was why? My parents were very over-protective of me … I had to fight for any independence, as I had no older/other sibling to say “well they got to do it.” I was the youngest one in my high school graduating class, having turned 17 in April. So, when a guy at school asked me to go out around high school graduation time, I knew it would not go over well at home.
                    I told him yes first – then, I had to ask my parents about permission to go out. “No” was the answer at first – I think my mom cajoled my father into saying “yes” after a few days and then the day of our “date” … he never showed up. All that angst for nothing!


                    1. Yes and I was angry as I made a lot of effort for that evening out – all for naught. No call or anything. Interesting because my mother and her brother were 11 years apart. My mother was born in 1926 and my grandparents wanted another child; she could not get pregnant and in 1937 they decided to adopt my aunt as a brand-new baby. She was only there a few months when my grandmother got pregnant and my mother was hit by the car and spent the next four years in Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children. So my mom came home and it was like they were strangers. My great-grandmother’s first husband died before they had children and she married his brother and had nine children.


                    2. Thanks Anne – I think my ancestors were a little different and our entire family members, I would say were never close with one another. My mom and her brother only saw each other at my grandparents’ funerals and my grandmother’s 80th birthday party … they had nothing in common and argued over something years ago. Marrying the brother’s widow was a little different too. 🙂

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