Twice-ironed Waffles

I’ll tell you from the outset that twice-ironed waffles were not the goal. I wanted breakfast on the table by 9, a compromise between John’s early rising and night-owl’s delayed struggle to wake. Waffles take time, even when you have a fairly hot iron, so I was doing other things in the kitchen while they baked. I put away clean dishes from yesterday, set the table, got out the syrup, put butter out, and prepped my coffee mug. John called David, John $pencer, and Rose to eat when I was cooking the penultimate waffle.

Returning to the iron, I was shocked that it was empty. There was no time to stress over old-age forgetfulness. I must have closed the iron without putting batter in it. I used four large spoonfuls of batter to fill the lower part, closed it, and watched with horror as most of the batter oozed out on all edges. The waffle I thought was not there, was very much there. It had stayed on the upper half where I hadn’t noticed it. With a fork, I pulled the already-cooked waffle onto the counter. It was a batter-covered mess, but it kept its shape. I cooked the last of the batter, and returned the soggy waffle to the iron, nudging the indentations into place. After it cooked, I couldn’t tell it from the normal ones.

Here is a photo of the waffle iron after it was cleaned up. I was too busy coping with the mess to get the camera out of my pocket.

The next meal was a community effort. I wanted to try making something like a Thai curry. I had rice, vegetables, green curry paste, coriander, a can of coconut milk, and cooked chicken. John $pencer and Rose were on their way to the supermarket, and they brought back ginger root and small peppers. They also had tumeric, garlic, hot sauce, vegetable broth, curry powder, and bottled coconut sauce. They were cutting and sauteing various things as David stirred the soupy part. John chose a bottle of wine, and we were set. At the table, we agreed we might not be able to recreate it, but we all enjoyed the meal. Only a few stray bits were left for Sadie to lick.

25 thoughts on “Twice-ironed Waffles

    1. I’m sorry to have hit a nerve in the middle of the night. We haven’t had waffles in AGES, and I knew I had time this morning. Everyone enjoyed them. I hope your toast tastes extra special today (your today; my tomorrow).

      xxx Hungry Hugs xxx


    1. Oh! Another Thai food enthusiast! I must go back to my post and write down all the ingredients we used, because I’m sure to forget something the next time I make it.

      The waffle mess was funny five minutes after it happened. I would like to have taken a photo, but I was too busy rescuing the battered waffle.


  1. Thank you for the laugh, Anne, but sorry about the clean-up. I would definitely do something like that. That’s why Bill is the waffle maker in our house!


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