Snow and a Flat Rainbow

I have three photos that don’t belong to a story, so they are being lumped together. The first I’m calling Foot Traffic on the Deck. The bird feeder was hanging out of sight on the metal stand. I think there are squirrel prints there, too. Surely Sadie’s paw print is not that tiny.

That day I wrote down all the birds I saw for about half an hour. They included Downy woodpecker, red-bellied woodpecker, blue jay, song sparrow, dove, chickadee, tufted titmouse, nuthatch, cardinal, Carolina wren, Eastern towhee, and white-throated sparrow.

Snow fell in Tennessee last week when John was at the train club. Hoping to plow snow, the fellows took out a train with boyish enthusiasm. There wasn’t enough to push around, but they had fun. John was sitting on the end of the work train filled with tools as he took this photo. I’m asking for a round of applause for John, because he rarely uses the camera in his cell phone.

I saw the flattest rainbow I’ve ever seen while sitting at my desk. The morning sun found a chink in the clouds to form this bow. It lasted just long enough for John to get up from his desk in the next room to see it. Our most brilliant, high-arching rainbows occur in the afternoon. Have you ever seen an almost flat one?

33 thoughts on “Snow and a Flat Rainbow

  1. Yes I’ve done this before but forgot to click send.. Age is getting to me and now I can’t remember what I ment to comment. Oh yes..the train…Fun to see. My family had one this size at Lakeview Marina on the Barnett Res. In Mississippi. Kids loved taking a ride.The rainbow must be over the “flat” earth we hear so much about these days. Hehe. Don’t think I have seen that many different kind of birds in my area in a long time. Our birds have just about disappeared.???


  2. I love seeing a mess of tracks in one place … I usually go out in the backyard to see what interesting things I can see in the freshly fallen snow. Kudos to John and that rainbow is exquisite … I can’t remember the last rainbow that I saw.


      1. That makes sense – I probably should go outside after a rain storm; since all but two windows have stuck metal rolling shutters and I can’t lift them up and those “available” windows don’t look out anywhere but trees, garages and houses, unless I’m outside, I likely will never see a rainbow.


  3. Ive never seen a rainbow that flat before. How long did it last? Love the photo of the train from the rear…props to your husband for whipping out there camera..:)


  4. I have not seen a flat rainbow, but recently there was beautiful vertical one at our house. It was straight up and down but quite short. I watched it for probably fifteen minutes. Beautiful!


  5. I never saw a flat rainbow. That is so cool! I see the same birds as you in my back yard, except the towhee. We would never see one of them here in the wintertime.


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