Logan’s Tail

Neighbor Bob came over for a road association meeting. I heard him say something to Logan (9) and thought it might have been “inside out”. I paid no attention to it until grandson David batted a balloon around the room with him while the meeting was going on. Logan seemed to have a tail flapping in the breeze.

A photo opp presented itself, and the camera couldn’t resist. Logan’s pajama bottoms were inside out. It tickled me, because I think he feels comfortable enough in our home to risk being teased.

Of course, what happens in the ‘hood stays in the ‘hood, and I’m sure you won’t tease him.

32 thoughts on “Logan’s Tail

  1. Ha ha – well better than wearing pants that are sliding down like some of the young kids/teens wear. There was a style years ago to wear a long-sleeved shirt with a polo top underneath, both collars flipped up and a wide belt cinched around your waist. I had guests in at work that day and was bustling about my entire work day and when I came home my mom said “your belt is on backwards and at the back it says “medium” on it …. as usual, dressing quickly to not miss the bus – how did the buckle work properly though is a mystery to me, just like none of my coworkers would mention it?


      1. That’s true – it would not be the first time I ran out the door to get the bus and did something goofy like that. I one time had a gored skirt and had a gored half slip I wore underneath. I walked down the street to catch the bus, and the elastic on the slip gave way and fell down in the middle of the street. I stepped out of it, then had to go home and change my clothes and missed my bus!


          1. Very punny Anne! Who would believe that story? One should be permitted one tardy in their career due to modesty. (Balmy today at -1 wind chill and 11 air temps – going to bundle up and get to out while the sun is out.)


  2. This post brings back memories of a few times when I’ve had clothes on inside out. I can remember one time when someone told mid-day that I had a sweater on inside out. It made me wonder how many people had noticed it earlier in the day but not said anything.


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