Last Mailbox Warming

The temperature was only three degrees warmer than the previous day, but the windbreaker and hat I wore both days were too much. I left them to warm Connie’s and Marla’s mailbox as we walked on to the creek. With warmer weather coming, this was probably the last time I would use their mailbox as a coat rack. They are moving at the end of the month. We’re thankful they will be only 28 miles away (15 miles as the crow flies).

Marla didn’t realize her car was posing for the photo as she pulled out of her driveway. It seemed fitting that she was on the scene for this historic moment. When she stopped to chat with us, Albert added sound effects by barking from the porch. We will miss him, too.

Hat by Karen. It is perched on the post.

30 thoughts on “Last Mailbox Warming

  1. We’re all adapting as we go along these days. The loss of your mailbox coat rack ’tis another sign of the times. Although maybe whoever lives there next will be open to you still using the mailbox as a coat rack. You never know!


  2. Spring is in the air, for once again you’ve hung your coat there. I’m sure the new neighbors will be equally as gracious. Remember, “Walk softly, and carry a big sick.” Except when it’s raining, then take an umbrella.


  3. It is sad that they are moving away and even sadder that you aren’t a crow! Crows do seem to have an advantage over us for getting places don’t they.


  4. At least Connie, Marla and Albert are not too far away and you can still visit, though not the same as porch sitting with them … soon you’ll shed your coat/hat and make friends with the new owners of the mailbox and feel free to leave it there again.


  5. I’m sorry to hear you are losing your neighbors, but at least they are close enough to visit! Maybe when you explain your tradition to the new neighbors they won’t mind you using their mailbox either. Stay safe!


  6. Your Photo is interesting. It made me speculate on how it looked 20 years ago or even 10 years. I find that all places that are lived in will be very familiar to many people. I am able to mentally relive many drives that I have had through the Great Smokies. Stay safe and socially distance where possible.

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  7. Can’t believe it’s so warm so early. Hope your next new neighbors let you continue using the improvised coat hook.


      1. We are under stay-at-home orders, and have been for a few weeks now. The slopes closed thanks to Covid on March 15. 😦


      1. Of course, I am sure it will be fun getting to know them. I have found loads of new friends when we moved here. Lucky we got to get to know them a little before the current crisis. I am hoping to pick up after everything go back to normality again. When that is is anyone’s guess, Anne.


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