Talk is not Cheap

Talk is not cheap these days. It’s very precious, especially when you can be with neighbors outside, six feet apart. Neighbor Joyce was the one who thought of porch sitting. I failed to get her photo the first time, but this week I did. Sharing the sun is easy, since everyone seems to love the warmth. They sit in the sun, while I sit in the shadows.

The next day neighbors Shawn, Bob, and Logan arranged themselves in the sun, along with their little white dog Abbie (Abigail Adams). The boxer, Dolly, was out of sight near Logan. Their chicken almost joined us. We heard the chicken making sounds, and Shawn stood up to call her. She’s the last chicken left and craves companionship, though she never came across the road to be with us. We were interested in how the home-schooling was going. The connections were not good at the beginning, but things have evened out now. Shawn and Bob take turns overseeing Logan’s work on the computer.

Neighbor Holly, next door to Shawn, came and stood in the yard so that we could all talk. We waved to her for years, as she was driving to work when we were walking. It was lovely to get to know her. If anyone is looking for a silver lining to the virus restrictions, this is one of them.

Connie came the week before, and this time her daughter Marla was available to come with her. It works out quite nicely to have two visitors who live together. They sit in one clump on the porch, and we are in another, the required distance apart. We enjoyed hearing about their upcoming move. They have just booked a moving company, and they talked about the layout of the house. I saw the photos on line, but I really need to see it in person to get everything straight in my mind. We will see it when the restrictions for contact have been lifted.

35 thoughts on “Talk is not Cheap

  1. After they leave you have to wipe down all the furniture railings etc but it would be worth it. We don´t come into each other´s yard actually but we talk across the fence which is nice. It´s so great to stay in touch. We are talking to the dog a lot these days.

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  2. How wonderful to have friends come to chat. It’s so difficult just having the budgie to talk too., he always shows me up with the big words he knows., Logan must be champing at the bt as I know my grandchildren are, but at least they have each other while Logan loves coming to stay with you, playing games. Keep on avoiding the virus and enjoying all your fabulous neighbours.
    Huge Hugs

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  3. Our neighborhood isn’t as friendly. I’ve been walking and sometimes there isn’t an acknowledgment when you pass someone. Maybe I missed a warning and we are not allowed to do that from 6 feet. I am very grateful that it didn’t happen in the dead of winter. We opened our porch today. All the furniture is set up with cushions. Just lovely.

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    1. I found time to be a factor in greeting people. When I walked early in the morning in NY, everyone spoke as you passed on the sidewalk. By noon, hardly anyone acknowledged others.

      Hooray for opening the porch!! We’ve been eating on our porch every time the thermometer goes above 65 degrees.

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      1. We had to clean it first and Dan pulled out the floor cleaner and did a great job. We keep the cushions in the attic over the winter so they have to be brought down. Somehow opening up the porch is so much easier (and more fun) than closing it up in the fall.


  4. I wish I had neighbors to visit with, it’s driving me crazy not to go see Dad. At least I can stay in touch through text, but when he says he’s dizzy or otherwise doesn’t feel good, I sit and worry. I will talk to my son who lives with him when he gets home from work and see if we can’t get him feeling better. Other people FaceTime with me or we send Marco Polo videos back and forth. That’s another option for you if you don’t mind seeing yourself on camera. I don’t, but I like to see my friends, so I try to ignore my wrinkles and other flaws, lol!

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    1. That’s difficult to have to sit still when you’d like to see about your dad.

      That’s great that you have managed to keep in touch in other ways. What is a Marco Polo video?

      I talked with daughter Lise in Denmark today via Messenger video. It was disconcerting to see my own face while enjoying looking at hers.

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      1. Yes! I hate that part too, that’s why Marco Polo is somewhat better. It’s an app, you make a video and send it to whoever you want to talk to, providing they are also on Marco Polo, or invite them to get the app. You still see yourself, but not at the same time as they see you, lol. My friend Stephanie and I talk to each other that way. 😊


  5. Anne
    Glad to hear you are all ok- that is such a grand thing you are doing, meeting each other and boosting each other’s spirits- instead of talking of the “good old days” and talking of the “good new days”.

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  6. I admire your ingenuity about getting together with some other people. We are here, entirely by ourselves, waving at the neighbors from afar. No one is getting as close as you wild kids did. 😉


  7. Good for you and John being the host and hostess with the mostest! That sun on the porch looks very inviting, that’s for sure. And I see you finally connected with Logan – great since it has been awhile due to his home schooling and staying home. Your neighbors are all friendly and happy. It is NOT the SE Michigan way of life.


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