Low-tech Apple Streaming

Apple monologue:

“Can you find me where the stream recedes after a storm?”

“There I am!”

“Come closer.”

“I’m floating.”

“I’ll rest awhile.”

“It’s your turn to continue the story. Your guess is as good as mine, because I was gone 24 hours later. Did a boy climb down to pick me up? Did a raccoon have me for his pre-washed dinner? Might a skunk or possum have eaten me? It was nice chatting with you. Goodbye.”

32 thoughts on “Low-tech Apple Streaming

  1. It did not get eaten. I refuse to believe it did. When nobody was looking it inverted, used it’s stem for leverage and catapulted over the log so it could meander down the waterway. Nothing is better than bobbing apples.

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  2. I know your weather is nicer than ours, but do you bob for apples now instead of Halloween? Just kidding and the horses you visit sometimes would have been tempted to dip their heads in for their favorite treat if they were given leave to leave the pasture.

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      1. Yes, I think now that the humans are finally locked up instead of the animals, the animals and the environment, nature basically, is finally able to enjoy life a bit. Zoo animals are probably laughing the hardest!!

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        1. I would agree with you, but what about the tigers at the Bronx Zoo that caught the virus?? I think they are coughing, not laughing.

          Speaking of laughing, I wish I could hear you laugh, especially when you are making fun of Salem. Do you have a throaty laugh?

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          1. Yeah, I do feel for the big cats. But then those pandas in Asia that haven’t been able to have kids in 10 years just concieved when they finally got some privacy. Um, I don’t know what my laugh sounds like. I suppose its like the coolest laugh you ever heard. That’s what I think might be the case.

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  3. I’m going to believe it was a critter who ate the apple. In this time of COVID-19, I would hate to think of a person eating fruit they found bobbing in a stream! Yuck! 🙂


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