David’s Dream Pancakes

Some days ago grandson David mentioned what he’d like his brother Nathaniel to prepare for his birthday. The background is that Nathaniel owed David pancakes. David slept late the morning Nate cooked breakfast several weeks ago. We ate all the pancakes, so chef promised David he could have whatever he wanted another time.

Nobody knows what the restrictions for COVID-19 will be like in five weeks. Nathaniel could still be in New York, or he could be back in Charlotte. Chances are slim that he would be with us on June 1. I was interested in what food David had in mind. He developed his idea, verbally musing about pancakes, chocolate, and fruit. The fruit should be in the batter, and it would be lovely to have chocolate in it, too. Blueberries would be great. That’s how Dark Chocolate Blueberry Pancakes were born. David has been working six days a week, and I thought it would be nice for him to have a treat. Of course, a treat for one meant a treat for all. What a start to the day!

Nathaniel is not off the hook. David still hopes to have our chef create fabulous pancakes when he gets back here. (Note to Nate: He is leaning toward fresh pitted cherries and chocolate.)

26 thoughts on “David’s Dream Pancakes

  1. Some days your blog just makes me crave to sit at your table when Chef Nate in India the house! Though he is not there this time, the chocolate blueberry pancakes hits the spot! Mmm supper??


    1. I’ve used the same pancake recipe for 50 years. It was easy to put the berries and chips on after the pancake batter went in the pan. David liked having a berry and a chip in every bite.


  2. I see a pure look of delight on David’s face, no doubt matched by yours and John’s. If you did the cherries and chocolate, it would be like a Black Forest Torte. Nathaniel would have as much fun whipping it up as you all will have eating it.


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