Lock Down Events

Grandson David brought me a photo taken behind the counter at Burger King. Although they were not allowed to have customers in the dining room, they were preparing to reopen in the future. I laughed that David said they had installed a spit guard. Thankfully, that was relaxed talk at home. A bit later he referred to it as a sneeze guard. I was glad he had more refined words for the new screen.

On David’s day off, he and John repaired the fence. It took hours to dig out the old concrete and set up the new post. Son John $pencer replaced one several weeks ago. As John observed, the fence is old, and he foresees having to replace all the rotting posts.

It’s too bad the horses were not there to observe the action.

There are many horse chestnut trees lining Jonathan Creek. One was just upstream from our usual viewing point, and I wanted to see a bloom close up. It was beautiful, much more intricate than I thought it would be. John was my assistant, holding the branch steady in gusty breezes. Spring is really here, despite freezing temperatures overnight.

38 thoughts on “Lock Down Events

    1. A barbed wire fence keeps the horses in their pasture. The pasture is owned by neighbors and rented out to the horse owners. Our fence is decorative, put in to keep the former owners’ grandchildren from running into the barbed wire.

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  1. In the town where I grew up there were a lot of horse chestnut trees along Main Street. We had one in our front yard. The thing I remember about it was when the nuts fell the husk had sharp thorns. We had to rake them out of the yard, driveway and sidewalk and we could not go bare foot when they were on the ground.

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    1. I’m not aware that our horse chestnuts have sharp thorns, but I always have sneakers on when I am under them. My dad used to complain about a sweet gum tree that separated him from his first cousin next door. I think they ran through the gum balls barefooted. Ouch!

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    1. No! No! David took the picture! I haven’t been anywhere near Burger King! David laughed yesterday about the elastic slipping off his ear. His mask was suddenly dangling from his other ear and looked really funny.

      xxx Funny Clown’s Hugs xxx

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  2. The sneeze guards are a good idea – there have been a few companies around here that were making smaller ones for PPE from those 3-D printers in late March/early April … I have no idea how those printers work, but a fellow blogger’s husband bought one and was making her little ornaments in 3-D. These businesses have blossomed, so between them making these plastic guards now in all sizes (way beyond the PPEs) and the craft beer places making hand sanitizer, the employees have managed to stay working and keep people supplied when they could not find it on store shelves or Amazon.

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  3. Great innovative ideas- necessity being the mother of invention. My husband uses a face shield while in hospital- we probably will have to use these while on the planes home.
    The flower is beautiful – are horse chestnuts edible?
    Water chestnut flour is used for making bread in India- hence my question- not sure if they belong to the same family.

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    1. I wonder if we will come to appreciate some of the changes brought about by this pandemic. Sneeze guards will protect us from each other without being as cumbersome as face masks. Maybe it’s overkill; I don’t know.

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      1. We were just talking about that with my mother in law. She said Souplantation will be no more. I don’t know if they have them your way, but it’s a soup and salad bar restaurant. All buffet style. Perhaps they will go cafeteria style and just have servers on the other side.


          1. My dad always liked Chinese Buffet. Me, not so much but we only have one near us and my husband doesn’t like it because it doesn’t compare to the ones we had in the south, which were pretty good.


  4. Spring is here, too. Freezing temps at night but it looks like Spring during the day. Our fast food places are still closed for business, but our grocery now has those plastic guards. They don’t work well because people tilt their heads to take around them. There’s going to be a learning curve associated with accepting them.

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  5. My husband is outside right now repairing a section of fencing which had pulled away from the gate. I am glad that there are things our husbands can do to keep them busy and out of the house from time to time!


  6. You’re so lucky to be surrounded by nature! I’m sure you appreciate it! I’m glad I can see your posts and enjoy your lovely locale vicariously.


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