Mother’s Day 2020

Getting together during the COVID-19 pandemic presented problems for many families. It wasn’t difficult for us, because we couldn’t have been together, anyway. I had a lovely chat with son John $pencer. I couldn’t find a recent photo of him to post here. He cuts his own hair, so he probably didn’t look as shaggy as the rest of us who rely on currently non-working professionals to do the job.

Daughter Kate texted early, and we saw her sign in to watch our church’s video of today’s service. I knew people were asked to send in short clips of themselves with Mother’s Day greetings, but I was totally surprised when she appeared. The series was shown just before the service began. This afternoon I downloaded one frame to include here. She was standing before running water, so she must have gone to the center of her town in New Jersey to record it. This was certainly the most novel greeting I’ve had in my 139 years of collective mothering.

Later in the day, daughter Lise phoned from Denmark. She continued talking as she used two phones and a mirror to send me her self-portrait. You couldn’t be more immediate than that across the ocean. She said Kate contacted her and $ about the video for church, but they were unable to do it. It makes me smile to think they were conspiring behind my back to send special greetings today.

I hope all mothers I know were able to be with their children in some way this Mother’s Day.

42 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 2020

  1. Happy Mother’s Day!!
    Lovely greetings from Kate- what a surprise it must have been to see your name and her video pop up before service- wish I could have seen your face.
    I tried cutting my husband’s hair yesterday without his permission, and was banned from doing it- I have been practicing hair cutting on the stray cats and our own cat- and am not known for my good haircutting.

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  2. Dan’s kids ‘zoomed’ with us last night. I haven’t quite go the gist of it. Either everyone talks at once and no one hears anything or no one talks. Maybe it takes practice. I am so glad your day was a good one with surprises.


  3. What well deserved gifts for you. You are a wonderful mother, and I’m glad all your kiddos know it. Love that Kate found some water for you 🙂


  4. Still kinda cold here too but warming this week. Got to talk to all three son’s yesterday . Sometimes being away is a pit but at least the lines were working. Or are they waves


  5. I’m glad you enjoyed Mother’s day, I did as well, but my family came over to visit. Here in my part of the world, life is pretty much back to normal except for the places yet to open. Most stores and restaurants are open and the barbers opened Friday, parts of parks, and most of the city offices. I’m lucky those in my family have stayed well for the most part, just allergies, and regular colds for a couple.


  6. Glad you had a good day Anne. I had phone calls from the girls and walked to the woods (behind our house) to find the trilliums blossoming. My mom loved trilliums and the always blossom for mother’s day.


  7. How nice that your children made the effort to send you Mother’s Day greetings. all of my kids sent me homemade cards this year for the first time since they were children. I loved it! I am saving them.


  8. How lovely! An (almost) perfect Mother’s Day – short of them being there in person, eh? My day was helped by technology too: My son, his wife, and my daughter joined John & me for a get-together over Zoom. It was great! They also sent me monetary gifts which I cannot complain about. 😀 Relaxed most of the day. This mom is a happy camper!


  9. How special that your Kate made a special recording for your church to project during service! It sounds like you had a very blessed day overall🌷.


  10. Happy Mother’s Day Anne…a little late. I hope your whole week is filled with the sunshine glow of the love you were shown.


      1. I hope so…I keep watching for most of the nights to be nearer 60 to plant out the impatiens and coleus. I am beginning to think about which ones I want to group together, which ones will go in the front, etc. Most of my other plants are already outdoors. My indoor plants will go out on the porch also when the nights are just a bit warmer.


        1. Thanks for that practical suggestion. Our low for tonight is 55, so I think I’ll bring in the two plants that I put out on the porch this morning. They would be tougher than coleus plants, but I don’t want to shock them.

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