Seen While Walking

A year or so ago I noticed one mountain laurel bush in the former sheep pasture that we pass on our morning walk. Its claim to fame is that it’s the only one I’ve noticed in the neighborhood. You’d think, with a name that has mountain in it, that it would be fairly common here. Not so! On the Blue Ridge Parkway, I think rhododendrons outnumber the laurels.

Lonely mountain laurel in our neighborhood

We had one large mountain laurel beside our driveway on Long Island. It was ten times the size of the scraggly one pictured. There was a road in the next town where laurels lined the street, and if you drove there at peak season, you’d think snowflakes were suspended in the air. Just think! That was only a few feet above sea level! Wouldn’t you think a mountain location could top that??

After taking a photo of neighbor Warren’s scarecrow last week, I noticed a new watering system in his garden. Mr. Crow is watching over a sprinkler mounted on a pole. Leading from it is a green hose going to the little stream (Park Branch).

We can’t see the pump, but it must be inside the blue container. Ingenious! Warren has free water that otherwise would be trying to get to New Orleans.

23 thoughts on “Seen While Walking

  1. Daddy used to rig up stuff like that. Irrigation is uncommon in Alabama, but when he lived in California, it is the only way produce survives, so dad took that technique back with him. Since then it is seen; here and there. Because of how often it rains, it still is rarely necessary. You’re right about the mountain laurel. I know that when I was there for a visit, we spotted one on a hike in the woods. Mentioning it to one of dad’s friends, she went and dug it up and put it in her yard. It was a rare find and it now flourishes in her yard.

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  2. Love the stream and the new irrigation system- seemed very practical. Why the scarecrow? And why New Orleans?
    Just thinking out loud, Anne. The laurel bush is beautiful. What a lovely pink girly colour.

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    1. The scarecrow is to scare off birds so they don’t peck the vegetables.

      New Orleans is on the Mississippi River. Water rising here in the mountains will eventually get to the Mississippi and flow to the Gulf of Mexico, going by New Orleans.

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  3. I don’t do well with mountain laurel, azaleas and rhodies. I’m blaming it on where I live although there are beautiful azaleas and rhodies in other people’s yards. You don’t see many mountain laurels here but up in the mountains you do.


  4. I’ve never seen mountain laurel in real life – it sure is pretty though. We are still lagging sorely behind in color here, though the grass is mighty green. What a great irrigation system, especially for your already-hot days.


  5. We have a very large mountain laurel at the front of our yard abutting the sidewalk. My husband has learned a lot about bringing it back to health with the aid of the Extension service. It had some kind of fungus and was shedding all its leaves. In the winter he strings it with tiny deep blue lights for Christmas and it looks fantastic.


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