Coloring Toilet Paper

Before the COVID-19 lock down, I was aware that our store brand toilet paper was embossed. I didn’t really pay attention to it and never examined it until the shelves were stripped bare. What was this commodity (commode-ity?) that was so highly valued that people fought over it and stole it from the carts of others? Good grief! It had hearts and flowers on it!

If I am EVER desperate enough to kill time, I shall experiment with coloring toilet paper. For demonstration purposes only, I used colored pens.

32 thoughts on “Coloring Toilet Paper

  1. Too funny. I remember Mor Mor used to have blue toilet paper. I loved that as a child. As I grew older, I wasn’t so into the dyes. But it’s still a fun memory.

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    1. I don’t remember blue toilet paper, but I would have had green if it were available. When we last had shelves full of TP, there weren’t any colored ones, were there??


  2. I remember back when you could buy colored TP. For the life of me I don’t know why that was on the shelves. I like your coloring project. What’ll you try next? Paper towels?


  3. We used to have peach-colored TP when our bathroom was in shades of brown and peach – the little box of tissues matched too. I never see it anymore. I like your new profile picture.


      1. I remember the tissues went inside a wooden box which matches the vanity (dark brown wood). My mother said “don’t use them, we may not be able to buy them again” so Kleenex for show. Eventually they stopped making the toilet paper – perhaps the dye was not a good thing? I don’t know.
        Years later we find out lots of stuff we use is bad for us. Yesterday Johnson & Johnson announced they will not sell their baby powder in the U.S. once it is used up on store shelves. I was surprised they didn’t take it out of circulation after the verdicts on ovarian cancer several years ago., My mother used J&J baby powder for many years. I never used any kind of talcum powder as I wore hard contact lenses for years and didn’t want particles in my eyes. I will look forward to your new profile pic story … your hair does not look like its longer due to the pandemic and no haircuts.


  4. Shortages are very odd right now. I couldn’t get ink for my printer today. Plenty of toilet paper, though. I will worry a little if you color any more squares. LOL


  5. I remember there used to be blue or pink toilet paper back in the 60’s and maybe 70’s. I noticed some embossing on our toilet paper but I cannot say I gave it that close of a look! ha ha!! Your inner artist and eye for creativity is far reaching!!


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