Playing a Maple Syrup Bottle

Grandson David and I had a leisurely breakfast on the porch on his day off. We were having a repeat of blueberry/chocolate chip pancakes, and I thought I used the last of the maple syrup. David squeezed a few more drops out. He picked up the bottle and blew into it, like playing a flute. I remembered I had a flute tuner on my phone which I had never opened. According to that app, he was playing an A.

I tried to take a video, but he and I were not coordinated. I missed his best tones. When we looked at the takes, there was no sound. Well, if you want to be technical, we looked at the screen and listened for the note.

David drove us on the Blue Ridge Parkway, a drive that never fails to refresh us. Coming home, we stopped at Haywood Smokehouse for barbecue sandwiches. I was hungry for BBQ after hearing the longing in friend Karen’s voice when she spoke of it. The restaurant was doing a booming take-out business, but we went inside. Half the tables were marked with a red X. Our food came in styrofoam containers, and we had plastic utensils. I’m sure we had regular dishes and cutlery last week when we ate at a different restaurant. I know what we need to do – go out to eat again next week, right???

30 thoughts on “Playing a Maple Syrup Bottle

    1. Would you join us in having a flute of champagne to celebrate?

      Thanks for the reminder to add to the shopping list. I haven’t done that yet.

      xxx Sweet Sticky Hugs xxx


  1. You must go out to another restaurant just to see if you get metal or plastic utensils! It’s research- that happens to include the bonus of a nice meal out of the house!😊


    1. We went to Cracker Barrel and had metal utensils, real plates, and glass tumblers for drinks. The table was absolutely bare. If we wanted salt, pepper, or sugar, we asked for them. All employees were wearing masks. Only half the tables were used, and the restaurant was doing a big takeout business. It was lovely to choose food from a menu. I hope you will be able to eat out when you are ready.

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      1. New York might let us order and eat outdoors this weekend but no indoor seating yet. I’m just praising God that I can get my hair done Saturday!😄


  2. Count me in on the utensil research 🙂 Last week was real silverware but condiments in packets. I’ll see later today what we find. Trying to do our part to boost the economy ya know.


    1. I never thought of playing an egg slicer. John $ used to play the trees with a stick. He’d pick up a stick at the top of the pathway to Mormor’s house and hit tree trunks all the way down.

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  3. Definitely. Go out to eat again next week. When we finally have restaurants open, we will be the first ones standing in line for a table!


  4. OMG how I envy you! Our restaurants still aren’t allowed to have people dining in. Hopefully later this month! You had me drooling with your BBQ sandwiches! 😀


  5. Our Governor relaxed a lot of restrictions yesterday – our restaurants will be open for inside dining next Monday, but there are still social-distancing restrictions for the tables/chairs placement and nothing on the table, so carryout packets of salt/pepper/condiments and paper throwaway menus.


      1. We have had three days of protesting in downtown Detroit (about 13 miles away) and they had been obeying the 8:00 p.m. curfew – not tonight though. They are fired up from the 90-degree heat and went marching longer and 84 of them got arrested and teargas was used. Scary stuff – even scarier is the 90-degree heat spike is causing severe weather – me and severe weather, you know I”m a weather worrier. I have to hear the weather again before bed as they mentioned the slight chance of a tornado – they can’t get the weather right these days. They called for rain/storm this a.m. – no rain yet and on and on it goes. So I hope they mess up this time too. It was cool and beautiful out, now this. Hope it does not trash my outside efforts as I’d rather not spend another prolonged period of time out there, but I guess better that than bigger damage like a tree on the house.


          1. I know – my nerves are shot worrying, but hopefully they are wrong. Hate severe weather. I’m going to finish up my post for Thursday and get to bed. I’m all caught up – excited for that as I was four days behind. Did a Wordless Wednesday earlier before I got here.


              1. I was amazed I did Anne and now have lots of replies to my comments … staying caught up does not last for long. I finished last night as I intended to sleep in later this morning due to the bad storms. They never happened which is fine and dandy with me, but I had angst worrying about potential 75-mph winds and hail and possible tornadic activity which all station predicted for 36 hours before it was to arrive. Got up to a beautiful morning and had to scramble to get out the door – I got a walk in, but only one other walker and two squirrels, no birds. Not pleased with this – they were shut down too long so that I think the critters went elsewhere, maybe to the neighborhood for their treats.


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