A Used Watermelon

Odd items appear in Jonathan Creek more frequently than they used to. We now step right up and look into the water to see what is there. Under the swift stream was an object patterned in light and dark green. The camera zoomed in and confirmed what we thought. It was half a watermelon.

Although our temperatures are not hot yet, someone had a mid-summer feast. This is not an editorial, so I won’t castigate the person who threw garbage in the creek. I do hope he/she fell in the cold, shallow water and that there was an audience to laugh loudly.

21 thoughts on “A Used Watermelon

  1. LOL….I had the same thought as Chrissie…..fish food. At least it was not a tire or something else that will not break down. Our river has lots of stuff that comes downstream after flooding…but never a watermelon!

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  2. Not long ago you had an apple as I remember saying a horse would be excited to see that. Someone is in the process of making the Creek get renamed “Tutti-Fruitee Creek” instead of Jonathan Creek. Had I not seen the blog title, I would have thought it was a colorful turtle shell and a turtle going on the sloshing ride of its life, but alas it is just litter. I look at the Creek at the Park sometimes and just shake my head. There was a soccer ball in there not long ago.


  3. I know I’ll always have a smile at your posts Anne and your riposte back to those who comment. At least the watermelon is biodegradable though its skin is pretty thick … (like the person who left it or threw it there)


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