David’s Birthday – Morning, Noon, and Night

I think all grandparents want special things to happen on their grandchildren’s birthdays. We’re blessed to have grandson David living with us, giving us an easy target.. The camera was waiting in the pocket. I was a little late getting breakfast on the table, so David took a shower and put on his uniform before we ate. John put a candle on the lemon biscuit spirals to add the birthday touch.

This was breakfast on the run.

After David left for work, I made Brownies with dark cocoa and dark chocolate chips. John drove us to town, and we took our place in the Burger King takeout line. John told the order-taker that we were making a delivery to David. Coworkers are generally aware of a birthday in their midst, and she told us to pull up to the second window. If David was surprised, we couldn’t tell through the sneeze guard and required mask. Besides, he had his head in the clouds. Can you see the real clouds in the photo?

Birthday delivery to Burger King

Many hours later we had dinner on the porch, and it was dark for the obligatory cake and candle picture.

I had noticed before that I cook for people I love, but it hit me in the face on David’s birthday. Morning, noon, and night I pushed food on him, not that it changes his shape at all. When he is hungry, I swear he can pull the front of his stomach in to touch his backbone.

Others paid attention to him with text messages, phone calls, and greetings on social media. One gift that came in the mail was very special. At work they brought in chocolate cupcakes to celebrate, and he loved that. After everyone had a chance to take one, he brought the rest home.

This was not a birthday with high drama or fireworks, but it was excellent in an ordinary sort of way. Happy 25th birthday, David!

52 thoughts on “David’s Birthday – Morning, Noon, and Night

  1. A very happy Birthday to David, Many Happy Returns to him.And the same to the two of you who go out of your way to make each one special for both boys.
    Ginormous Hugs Anne.


  2. Yesterday was our oldest’s birthday. We celebrated with food of her choice–delivery from IHOP! I had offered to cook but she wanted us to all sit in the backyard six feet apart and eat pancakes and eggs. Hey. The birthday kids get what they want. Happy Birthday to David!!


    1. Grandchildren grow up much faster than children, I think. David has been very thin ever since he began to grow taller. He’s the only person I know personally who has been told time and time again to gain weight. *sigh*


  3. Can’t believe he is that tall now. So glad you enjoy having him live with you. Remember meeting him and his brother when I visited you long/long ago! Have a good day….Jane Maclin Moore
    P.S. When I tried to put my name etc. below it only showed a little of what I typed.


    1. David and Nathaniel were short when you saw them. Nate is 6’5″. I hope I received all the words you typed. It’s disappointing when you go to the trouble of commenting and the words vanish.


  4. We grandparents do love to do special things for our grandkids, don’t we? I bet David was thrilled with his special delivery birthday brownies. I have always thought food (especially baked goods) = love too!


  5. Ah – what a great surprise for David … he had a perfect birthday from the moment his eyes were open, until they closed at night and you and John helped to create that special birthday magic. Happy 25th Birthday David. (Don’t tell him he is a quarter of a century old as he may go into a tailspin!)

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  6. How special that you and John made a drive-through birthday delivery. I think I’ll make brownies today-yours sound delicious!😀David is blessed to have you both!🎂


    1. When David has a few minutes, I want to pull up the comments on this post so he can see all the people who wished him well. He knows many of you, because I talk about my special blogging friends all the time.


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