Father’s Day

Five of us gathered around the monitor to attend a streaming church service on Father’s Day After that, grandson Nathaniel got the fire going. Soon son John $ and Rose joined us, and our circle was complete. The day was perfect for eating on the porch. Rose took a picture of all of us at the table. We talked nonstop, teasing and retelling funny family stories. The day was full of merriment and mirth.

John $, Nathaniel, John, Anne, David, Lise, and Kate

For the foodies: Nathaniel grilled marinated chicken breasts, asparagus, Bavarian brats, and Pepperjack hot dogs. He also prepared a salad of fresh beets, salad greens, Feta cheese, dried cranberries, and roasted pecans. Rose brought macaroni and cheese, which was a favorite with everyone. For dessert we had a store-made angel food cake topped with fresh strawberries and whipped topping. We also had cheesecake from Walmart, the kind with 12 different slices put together to make a whole. It didn’t stay whole for long.

We gathered under the oak tree for group photos. I liked this informal one where we were talking to Sadie. Sadie obeys the command to “sit”, but she hasn’t learned “pose” yet.

Nathaniel, Lise, David, John Kate, John $, and Rose

Rose took the best shot of our three children, who haven’t been together for 15 to 16 years, according to Lise’s reckoning. She saw $ in North Carolina and Kate in New York, but $ and Kate were not in the same state at the same time. They enjoyed being together again.

I hope all of you who celebrated Father’s Day had a fantastic time together.

24 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. How wonderful to have all the children together. So hard to do these days with everyone so spread put. IT has been 6 years since my siblings and I have been in the same location. Happy Father’s Day to your dear husband.

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  2. It looks like John had the best Father’s day ever with all his children in one place. I had a lovely day too, I snuck over the border into England where grandparents can now hug grandchildren and travel more than 5 miles to see someone.. I made the most of my hugs before it was time to sneak back over the border with slightly tougher rules again.
    Massive Hugs Anne.

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  3. You made me think. It’s been a while since all of my step-kids were together with us. Maybe 10 years. They all live in Colorado so they get together but it’s piecemeal when they come east or we go west.


  4. What a wonderful day you all had Anne, especially John as the patriarch of the family. And what great pictures you captured once again, (both you and Rose). I realize I was confused on the last post as I alluded to Father’s Day and that was actually Saturday that Kate and Nathaniel brought BBQ and sides. Well Nathaniel got to wow you with his cooking and you got to the visit with the entire clan – how exciting is that?!


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