Swimming with a Waterfall

When daughter Kate comes to visit, we schedule a swimming adventure for her and grandson David. This year we went across the border to a large stream in Tennessee that son John $ had shared with us. I couldn’t get near the water because of a steep bank with exposed roots, but they picked their way down to the water and waded in.

One of Lise’s favorite photos shows her swimming toward the falls with Kate. I was sitting on the bank in a camp chair, loaned by a lovely local woman who was there with her son and family. I watched the action in the water, zooming in with the camera to see what they were doing.


Kate found a rock perch, and Lise must have been standing up when David climbed up near the falling water. I wished there were locals there to show him where to slide down. It would have been dangerous for him to try it own his own.

When the swimmers came back, a dog was there retrieving sticks. Perhaps he sensed that David loves dogs, so he went to David with a stick. Each time David threw it, the dog came back to him. This kept my three entertained until they were fairly dry.

John and Nathaniel opted to sit in the car and chat while the rest of us were in or near the stream. Before rejoining them, I took a photo of two stacks of rocks in the stream. I don’t know why I like these things so much, but I’m always drawn to them.

We drove back to Hot Springs to eat at one of our favorite restaurants, the Iron Horse. We waited expectantly for our meal and enjoyed every bite.

Having been chilled in mountain water, our swimmers were uncomfortably cool. Lise laughed at herself for using her napkin to cover her legs.

John drove us safely home on twisty mountain roads. We enjoyed the gorgeous scenery when we weren’t nodding off. Nathaniel made a chocolate cake to celebrate David’s birthday that was at the beginning of June. We’ll use any excuse to get our favorite chef to cook for us.

28 thoughts on “Swimming with a Waterfall

  1. Ahh …., Anne, this is a beautiful post. I would have loved being in the water by this fall.
    How exhilarating and how fresh the water must have been.
    I do understand you not to risk the tricky path down.
    You have a wonderful family, Anne.


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  2. Anne, what an absolutely perfect day in the water and later in the restaurant. How cool that you live near the border with Tennessee where I spent almost 7 years teaching German at TTU in Cookeville. To get to the house I rented on the mountain top, I had to drive over a stream. When It rained, the stream got a tad high too. Having a chef in the family is a big perk too. Thank you for sharing your adventures. oxox


  3. Your photos are wonderful as usual. I can imagine how cold that water must have been, yet your kinfolk have smiles on their faces. Nice that you got to eat out somewhere. We’re still waiting for the opportunity to be waited on!

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  4. What a lovely post Anne. I also love cairns, and always photograph them, and have even built some in Rhode Island where they have gorgeous flat rocks.


      1. That is what we’ve always called them. On Block Island, RI, it is a favorite pastime for people on the beaches to build them. I love them…have even built a few. Yours are amazing.


  5. They made me chilly just watching them frolicking around in the cold water, but it sounds like fun and what a beautiful backdrop for your photos. The days are speeding by, with something different planned for each different day. David is lucking out with all the birthday treats from you first, now Nathaniel!


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