Rain on the Mountain

We planned a mountain day when the weather was supposed to be clear in the morning and rainy in the afternoon. Our first stop was our favorite waterfall, Sunburst Falls. It began to sprinkle as soon as we stepped out of the car, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the falls. Grandsons David and Nathaniel walked ahead of us and sat on the ledge to see the water pooling below the falls. (Photos on the left.) The shot on the right shows how deep the chasm is at that point. I was fine with their sitting there, but I’ve seen both son John $ and David stand up where their feet were resting. That makes my heart flutter! I was glad they turned around before standing up.

The young men headed down the road and onto a steep path to the rocks below. I think I zoomed in a bit to see them, but it really was quite a distance.

The next shot shows them standing on a big rock.

Nathaniel was taking a photo of us on the bridge as David waved.

Photo by Nathaniel with Lise, Kate, and Anne on the bridge

It was raining steadily as we watched the boys. I was standing in the rain, but Kate wore a raincoat and Lise sheltered under trees across the bridge. We damp people drove up to the Blue Ridge Parkway, hoping to see vistas with clouds. Instead, we were in dense fog. Bummer! We turned around and went back down the mountain, shopping at Walmart before going home.

That evening we ate the birthday cake Nathaniel made for David’s birthday month. It was a dark chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and a strawberry filling. It was fantastic!!! In addition, Nathaniel left the trimmings from the cake and the extra frosting on the counter for us to nibble on. What a treat!

David could have eaten the whole cake himself without gaining an ounce!

19 thoughts on “Rain on the Mountain

  1. I love those simultaneous photographs! Happy Birthday to David. The cake looks luscious. You live in such a beautiful area. How close are you to High Point, NC? My sister lives in the neighboring town of Jamestown now. Once on a visit we went to a beautiful park with waterfalls about an hour from her home.


  2. The scenery was beautiful even though the forecast was turned around a bit. We are having severe weather coming in tonight/overnight. I know a piece of that chocolate cake could calm my nerves about it – I wonder if David would share? He has such a look of delight over that huge cake before he digs into his piece!


          1. He must have a high metabolism. You are right – he looks the same as he did when I first saw him on your blog. He is not sampling the BK treats. 😉 When I worked at the diner, I usually never stopped running except for the food break and even then sometimes I’d get interrupted if it was busy. When we had down time, we’d have treats, like a half-milkshake, half a plate of fries or onion rings – stuff we could eat if we got busy again. I never gained an ounce back then as I ran it all off on my shift.


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